Danielle Dease

Danielle Dease

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
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young raw talent ready for the stage


Biography for:
Danielle Dease

Date of birth:
February 5th,1997

I live in Rock Hill, South Carolina and I am currently in the 7th grade

Dani, Shorty, Curly Fry and Baby Girl

Singing is my passion but I also enjoy acting, performing, dancing and hanging out with my friends and family.

About me:

I have a little brother, he's ten, his name is Dylan.
I have five younger cousins and one older.
My favorite food is a cold cut sub from Subway.
My favorite color is blue
One of my favorite all time songs is “Tonight's gonna be a good night”
I started singing when I was eight years old.
I have been involved in over six plays
Made all star cheerleading two years in a row
I have sang in numerous competitions
Made state in 2009 singing “Redeemer”
Performed in the Come See Me festival (Broadway Night)
Performed in the Lancaster County Idol when I was ten and made the finals
Have sang in the Colgate Country Showdown four years in a row.
And my heart has always been with God!!!!

Favorite Quotes:

“Cool beans dude”... “A frown is just an upside down smile :):(: ”...

Set List

45 minute sets