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This Christmas

Written By: Daniel Lee Starr

Verse 1

I watch the snow fall down.
On a cold December’s Eve
It’s been 2 long years
Since they said you had to leave.
Something about this time of year
That makes me question why
What are you fighting for
Will you live or will you die.

I watch your daughter sit
By the window late at night.
With a paper in hand.
To Santa does she write.
Dear Mr. Santa Claus
She wrote in crayon red.
And as she read to me
This is what she said.

Chorus 1

Dear Mr. Santa Clause
She wrote in crayon red
Just leave all my presents behind
And bring my daddy instead.
And I won’t even wonder
What’s under my Christmas tree
Cause all I want this Christmas
To have my daddy home with me.


And Santa with my empty space
In you big magic sleigh
Can my daddy have a ride
With you on Christmas Day
This Christmas Day.

Chorus 2

When I wake up Christmas morning.
I’d really love to see.
What I want more than anything this Christmas.
My Daddy safe home with me.

Dear Mr. Santa Clause
She wrote in crayon red