Danielle Eva

Danielle Eva

 New York City, New York, USA

Danielle Eva is a vocalist and songwriter from the american jazz tradition who blends echoes of appalachia with lilting latin rhythms, folk, and modern jazz.


Fusing modern jazz harmony with echoes of appalachia and lilting latin rhythms, Danielle Eva serenades in shades of blue-eyed soul with a compelling sincerity and a side of sass. Whether painting a fresh face on timeless gems of the jazz songbook, or mixing the palettes of folk and funk, Danielle is an intimate storyteller with a voice one can drink in all night. “Road and Moon” (2010 Devour Music), her jazz feature debut, reflects the soulful and breezy style that is keeping her in the international spotlight. She has worked in the top venues of New York, Washington DC, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Istanbul and Bodrum. Danielle is a past winner in the US Billie Holiday Competition, New York’s Jazzmobile, and the Monk Institute’s Jazz Aspen.


Begin Again

Written By: Danielle Eva

Tides roll in, time unfolds
Lies unravel truth upholds
Drink of water, taste of tears
Making sense of you is a dizzying affair
And I will begin again
I will begin again

Days break away
Carving out our story
Smoothed and shaped by love enduring
Walk in the waves, wash my hands of sorrow
So much brighter here out from underneath your shadow
And I will begin again
I will begin again

Build your love on sinking sand
I’ll be dry on higher ground
Don’t expect to find me
For I am clay, to be changed
I will begin again
I will begin again

I Sing In Blue

Written By: Danielle Eva

Red, red as the ancient soil where you lay me down
Under setting suns when the willow boughed
And the time was come to become one

Rising, a horizon of passions arrival
Declaring that love was reborn in a new way of knowing
Beheld, by two lovers who are as one

My song had returned, a tune of rebirth
A living tapestry, all the colors of you
But you felt the start of rain
And thought you heard the song of pain, you’re gone
Now I sing in blue

Restless, oh heart, surrendering innocence to the piper’s spell
You’re naïve as the leaves on the youngest flower, so green
So mystified, sweet off the vine


Road and Moon
(2010 Devour Music)