Danielle Hebert

Danielle Hebert

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

An intense singer unique voice, captivating words and unique guitar work. Think Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains, Annie Lennox. This artist will definitely leave an impression on you.


Danielle Hebert is an award winning Canadian recording artist with four self-produced albums to her credit, the fourth is slated to be released within the next six months and one album recorded for the Avalon label.

Her music is very personal, intense and loaded with guitars. Passion for the instrument is an obvious trait over the course of her albums. Her voice will remind you of Annie Lennox, her creative musical explorations of Joni Mitchell and the musical landscapes a blend of Pink Floyd-folk and Loreena Mc Kennit. As Heavy Lenny Bronstein puts it : “Unlike anything today that radio experiences.”

Some of her career highlights: sharing the stage with luminaries such as Robbie Krieger (The Doors) and Kim Mitchell and Daniel Lavoie. She proudly represented BC at the National Arts Center Showcase for British Columbia “Scene BC”, has written music for award winning plays in Vancouver (Lentement La Beaute, Le Perimetre). She has been awarded multiple touring and recording grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, Musicaction,  has won a SOCAN best song award for "Le Rire De La Nuit". Her music has been featured in a number of CD compilations, short films, radio and TV shows across Canada.  

Her influences go from the Beethoven symphonies, to Miles Davi , to flamenco music, the Beatles, Harmonium, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains and Tori Amos.  Growing up, he studied classical and jazz guitar.

Besides music Danielle sculpts stone and clay, paints, does graphic design and rides motorcycles.  She spent most of 2010 and 2011 coursing the continent solo on her 750 motorcycle covering close to 30 thousand miles . She lived for 22 years on British Columbia`s West Coast. For the moment she lives in Ottawa.


Criminal Girl

Written By: Danielle Hebert

It started when I was young
When I wanted some gum
Mommy wouldn't give me the money
So I did things my own way
Took a pack of chewy cherry gum
That was a lot of fun

Because I'm the criminal girl
I need want I want
I got a criminal mind
I want what I need
In a criminal world
I'll do what I need
To get what I want

So I didn't go to school
Hey I'm no fool
Don't wanna hear them preach
About the goals I could reach
I need to feel the rush
When it comes down to the crush
Get my hands on the loot
Cash and goods to boot


They took me to the police
They took me to the priest
They took me by the hand
Told me I was a friend
Told me I was a thief
But I don't feel no grief
I don't care who I scare
Who I hurt, who will pay
Hey, hey, hey


Words and music : Danielle Hebert © 2011. All Rights Reserved

Aventuriere Accidentelle

Written By: Danielle Hebert

Aventurière Accidentelle

Il n’y a plus de temps

Plus de boussoles

Plus de règles qui tiennent

Il n’y a plus de peur

Plus de violence

Plus de laideur qui me retiennent

Aventurière accidentelle

Cœur de pomme

À bout de bras lancé

Il n’y a plus d’excuses

Plus de tourments

Plus de doutes qui m’étreignent

Il n’y a plus de gens

Pleins de raisons raisonnables

Plus personne qui me retienne

Aventurière accidentelle

Cœur de pomme

À bout de bras lancé

Aventurière tu es si belle

Cœur qui bat

À bout de rêves lancé. Tu t’envoles

Ouvre les yeux

Trouve le cœur

Sème les mots

N’aie pas peur

Ouvre les yeux

Lève la tête

Rêve tout haut

N'aie pas peur. Tu t'envoles

Paroles & Musique Danielle Hébert

© 2004 Dark Horse Productions. Tous droits réservés

Trois Fois Passera

Written By: Danielle Hebert

Trois Fois Passera

Trois fois passera la dernière, la dernière

Trois fois passera la dernière y restera

3 jours à courir

3 jours à me cacher

Des hommes, des Dieux, des animaux

Des chemins trop faciles qui ne mènent nulle part

Jai perdu un soulier

J’ai déchiré ma robe

J’ai rien n’eu à manger

Mais surtout tout à gagner

Trois fois passera la dernière

Trois fois non, non, non passera

La dernière y restera…

Je suis tombée du ciel

D’un Boeing éclaté

La tête la première

Et tous mes rêves dedans

Et pendant qu’on hurlait, faisait un dernier chapelet

Là où il y avait la terre, c’est retrouvé sous l’eau

Duel dans la houle, volutes marins

Les sirènes se moquent de nous

Les requins j’escamote

Je ne comprends plus rien

Y’a plus rien à comprendre

Trois fois, la dernière

Je me suis réveillée sur une plage abandonnée

Mes cheveux sel et sable, ma peau un peau fripée

J’ai pris un grand 'respir'

Je me suis dit : ‘Bonjour’

Oh! Crabe qui va là, mais qui donc vit ici?

Le crabe m’a ignoré

J’ai même cru qu’il a ri

Et c’est là que j’ai commencé à courir…

Trois fois passera

La dernière, la dernière

Trois fois passera

La dernière y restera…

Ugly Girl

Written By: Danielle Hebert

Ugly Girl

Feel the
Love I
Feel for

Want to
Feel You
Want me
For you

Need to
Share my
Need for you
With you

But you'll never know
The colors of the sounds that I made for you
But you'll never know
That rain is falling for you know
But you'll never know
The passion burning inside me now
But you'll never know
The Ugly girl loved you

All the times I think of you
The lights grow dim the air grows thin
In your space I long to be
But it's impossible for me

The love I have could burn the sun
Tear the sky the world undone
But silence is my residence
You'll see my stance as innocence

And I'm running from you
Yes I'm running from you
Running from you
Yes I'm running from you
Cause I could not bear the pain

When you love Ugly goes...

copyright 2000 all rights reserved

The Way Home

Written By: Danielle Hebert


I have been lost
Eons passed me by
I crawled the mud whence they said I came
I believed I trusted

I have been a warrior and wife
I killed, I healed
Beautiful and ugly
I crossed bridges
And blown others

I know truth, I know lies
Unburdened I know now
The way home

I have been seeking the truth
As a bigot and a fanatic
Through the oblivion of drugs
Sold by my brothers or sold by me

I have been my bodies my wealth my titles
I have been cold and uncompromising
I have been my undoing

I know truth, I know lies
Unburdened I know now
The way home

Copyright 2000 Dark Horse Productions, all rights reserved

Beat It To Pieces

Written By: Danielle Hebert

Beat It To Pieces

Take my head and beat it to pieces
Take my heart and beat it to pieces
Take my back and beat it to pieces
Take my hands and beat 'em to pieces

Come on, go ahead
See what you can destroy
Go ahead, just try
To quell this fire of mine

Take my life and beat it to pieces
Take my dream and beat it to pieces
Take my name and beat it to pieces
Take my will and beat it to pieces

There is no one, nothing
No engine, no conspiracies
that can touch me,
That can break me,
That can quell this fire of mine

'Cause I'm not from this world
No I'm not from this world (repeat chorus)

words and music : Danielle Hebert
© 2011 Danielle Hebert. All Rights Reserved


2010 : D'espace et de Vent, released to French radio
2006 : Paris Is For Lovers, Avalon
2004 : Aventurière Accidentelle
2000 : the Alien Suite
1997 : 50-50

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