I lilke listening and feelings what people think about it . Through their emotions my music takes form.


Since she was just a child Danielle showed a great passion for music.
Danielle grew up in a mix of traditions because of her Italo-Australian origins. She was influenced by them during her path.
She had early an interest of British culture, style and way of life. When she was only 4 years old she already knew some English words and she used to sing Beatle's songs more naturally than other Italian songs; she didn't know all the words but she reached the same sound of the right words.
Through the years grew up her curiosity in travelling and discovering all those places, sounds, which inspired her childhood; so she set off to start travelling the countries that would be the inspiration of her songs.
She has been in Long Island, N.Y., for some years and she attended an Italo-American school, then she came back to Italy where she finished her studies taking a law degree; but in her free-time she spent long periods in Ireland and Great Britain.
She first picked up a guitar when she was 6 years old, she took private lessons but was mostly self-taught.
Early music influences of Danielle’s were Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath ………
Her artistic career began at 13 years with the participation to shows in cooperation with an amateur theatre company, but what fascinated her most was the idea of being part of a band as singer to improve her live experiences.
She played in a variety of rock bands as a lead singer and in 1997 she wrote her first song inspired by songwriters such as PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Damien Rice, Nick Cave and bands like Coldplay, Muse ……..
From that moment on she started to transform her emotions in songs and grew stronger the idea to pursue a career as a solo artist.
So, she left the bands to make her dream true: “ Communicate through her songs drawing the world around”.
In 2009, during a live rock contest, Danielle meet the producer Marco Camasso, M.C. Music director.
He notice Danielle’s great talent as a songwriter and as a performer; her particular voice is rock but at the same time sweet and warm.
Now they’re working on an album project which will include 12 songs written by Danielle in cooperation for music with Marco Camasso.
The live promotion will start in Autumn in U.K., Germany, Spain, Italy.



Written By: Danielle Lycciard/ Marco Camasso

Never, never and never
you told me we would be together

You feel so lonely
But it is what you wanted
Now you desire
That my heart can love you still
Feel your sorrow
Now it’s all you got
Don’t ask me to stay
‘Cause I’ve seen enough
and I’m changing
I’m out of your sight

Never, never and never you told me we would be together
And you know, I’m not innocent anymore and I could lie tonight
So I know, you’re not the kind of man that I can love
I will blame myself for the last time

Bring my illusions
You’ve stole all my dreams
But now I’m stronger
Stronger than before
Shut up and take your keys
I have to begin my life


See my eyes, I’m not crying
Touch my hands, I’m not trembling
I don’t want to keep you any longer


The album is scheduled for autumn 2010

Set List

The live set includes 6 songs:
1) Is that a Joke?
2) Never
3) In my car
4) I don't need an illusoion
6) No more kisses man