Danielle Rosa

Danielle Rosa


I write positive, intricate pop-with-content that conjures the realities we know so well, but don't know how to talk about. The sound is sweet, deep, magical, and hip.


I have been playing piano and singing for as long as I can remember, since my upbringing in Sebastopol, California. Raised on the Mamas and the Papas, the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Chopin, Debussy, weirdly resonant contemporary church music, and 80's pop. Later, Tori Amos, the Indigo Girls, Bonnie Raitt, and my mom showed me that women can do it.

When I was a baby, I used to lay around and pick at the carpet while my mom cast Chopin's piano waltzes into the air. I loved when she played. The way her notes vibed the living room, sounding like she was talking to me. She triggered the permanent feeling that whenever I heard music, I would feel the power of a mother.

Later it would be her records that made our family sing and dance in the kitchen while we did the dishes. Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, the Beatles, and the Mamas and the Papas; and then later, my records: Bonnie Raitt, the Indigo Girls, and Tori Amos.

This music is an extension of my predecessors: my family, and my spiritual and musical influences. It is a gift to me, but it is only enjoyable when shared. It makes me feel free. So I hope you will accept.


Frozen Woman

Written By: Danielle Rosa

Frozen Woman

There’s a frozen woman inside of me

I’ve got freezer burn,

She’s choking and churning

I’m hot and ready to go

Trying to wake her up

Come on woman, come on woman

Wake up

She’s crawling and crawling

And her thighs are dripping

She don’t wanna be on her knees no more

The icicles are falling to the floor

Come on woman, come on woman

Only if I don’t have to please no more

She’s been frozen in all these years

Her ears still burn with degradation

Come on woman, come on woman,

Her mouth is on fire,

She’s moving her lips

Trying to get the numb out

Trying to get the w-o-r-d-s out

She is singing hymns of praise to the Goddess

Who was never even mentioned in the Bible

Yeah, this is my body, this is my blood,

I gave them up for you

I gave them up for the kids, the dog, and the church,

And you sent me to bed

Well I’m back and better than ever

Come on woman, come on woman,

The ice is sliding down

I don’t look up no more

You’re not higher than me

You’re on your knees

Then take my hands

And we’ll dance on our knees

But it’s hot in here, I’m walking away

I have two strong legs

Come on woman, come on woman

Inevitable as the sun that rises

The world doesn’t know,

So come on and surprise us

Come on woman, come on woman

Go to the door and burn your way through

Then sing to the heavens, sing to the heavens

Sing to the heavens…

I’m alive

and I can fly

Stepping Out

Written By: Danielle Rosa

Stepping out of this, I’ve been living

In a space in between

Fear and a quiet world

I may not say much, but

Inside I’m not a quiet girl

Quiet survival, silent revival

Is not enough anymore

I hold it all back

Keep the boat still

Ask myself why I would blister

In spite of myself

Cause I’m right here

This is how I am

This is what I need to breathe

And I’m not sorry anymore

Back into my life

With wide open eyes

The losses go deep

I dive down to hold them

Up to their flight

Come down from your cloud, girl

Get out of your mind

So I step out of this


Written By: Danielle Rosa

Jesus, did you ask for this
I sinned and I kissed her neck hard
On a rainy street with fairy wings
and sun-soaked feet
She fled into your cross
and I don't know if you were there for her
but fathers waiting watching
demand the answers that will feed them
And the rocks sit quietly
Knowing that she flies somewhere
in the beautiful dream where prophets are still human
and God is a mother
Let us figure it out ourselves

I thank women, and I thank men
I thank my mother, I thank my father
I thank the earth, I thank water
I thank air

The boy with forbidden feelings
can shoot like a shark
his teeth are in his heart
He didn't know that love was legal
This is my sandy pocket
Filled with dreams I made for you
and you became all that you asked for rain
and rain is what he got
under my lips, upon his skin
Like perfume of the sweet gone

I thank women, and I thank men
I thank mothers, I thank fathers
I thank family, I thank friends
I thank air

So I looked into my eyes and said:
I am tagged by something
But I am still liable for
the doors I never knocked on,
and ones I knocked on too
Windows that I flew through
trying to flee from myself
When everything I wanted
was inside of me
I was born with it
I will die with it

I thank women, I thank men
I thank teachers, I thank artists
I thank warriors, I thank shamans
I thank humans
I thank air


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Set List

My sets run about an hour, or 12-15 songs. I sometimes play 1-3 cover songs for variety, including Leonard Cohen, Rufus Wainwright,
Tom Waits, and sometimes jazz or kitchy retro pop tunes.