daniel loefgren & the nihilist survival kit

daniel loefgren & the nihilist survival kit

BandAlternativeNew Age

both modest and agressive a mixture of somewhere between explosions in the sky and great lake swimmers


the sound of sparrows from above the machine were all trapped inside of..
the car that speeds and dissapears and rises as the black smoke up on a blood red sky..
But thats as serious as it gets.
After "the Engine" we/i started to work more as a band when we managed my songs
and we noticed thar we all had a attraction to the more ambient post rock genre.
So you could call this the wellbalanced mixture of singersongwrighter and postrock.
Perfect for more modest events, theatrical venues and as a antithesis in many cases..

kwoon, rivulets, crippled black phoenix, mono, great lake swimmers, té, red house painters, explosions in the sky, sigur ros, toe, godspeed you black emperor and so on..

we have a good show list in our backpack..


Daniel Loefgren - To Aegis (CDEP) 2002
Daniel Loefgren - Praise the Weathermen (CD) 2002
Daniel Loefgren - the Engine (CD) 2006

More to come..

Set List

depending on the venue we change our repertoire, songs that often come up is: a swedish winter fairytale, deeper into nothingness, irene and this god is dead..
our set is from 30 min up to 1h15 min depending on the venue and event