Daniel Lynch

Daniel Lynch

 Newark, Delaware, USA

A blues based hard rock with introspective lyrics and hard driving rythm section! Just Listen and experience! www.myspace.com/danlynchmusic


Hard hitting ecletcic mix of Hard rock and lyrical ballads. Riff based Rock & Roll!! Influened by Zep, Tool Good reggae, Tom Petty and on and on


We first released Ep "Big Plans" in 2005. A second round of Recording produced "12-step shuffle" in 2007. Looking foward to recording much more music in the year to come.

Set List

A typical set likely consists of Blues based riff rock, with Hits like "Leaving," "Nice & slow" & "Tommorow's Sun". Now and Again, we throw in an odd tasteful cover here and there to keep us and others on their toes.