Daniel Mackin

Daniel Mackin

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I write Pop and Adult Contemporary stuff. Sheryl Crow, Tom Petty, John Mayer - that line up. Some could be considered Country cross-over. I also write short instrumental pieces.


Music's been in my life since the 4th grade (clarinet!), but my songwriting didn't get going till my early 20's. I grew up listening to my Dad play jazz standards on the piano, so that's where my passion for music started.

I write songs that mean something to me, then hope for them to become successful through established artists. I would prefer to end up with 50 songs that I really liked and a bowl of ramen rather than one that I wrote just to sell out for a bunch of money. Then again, how much money are we talking about?

My influences are really wide-spread, from Oscar Peterson to Tom Petty. Also up top: Steely Dan, Mark Knopfler, Larry Carlton, Art Tatum, Vladmir Horowitz.

Biggest fantasy? Have a song of mine placed in a movie. I could pretty much just throw myself off a bridge at that point.


St Mary's Bridge

Written By: Daniel Mackin

St Mary’s Bridge
© 2006 by Daniel Mackin
Words and music by Daniel Mackin

That ringing in your ears
Is gonna leave you cryin’
How you gonna find a way
To leave this all behind

That stinging in your eyes
Is gonna leave you blind
How you gonna find a way
To leave this town behind

Just walk on out the courthouse
And out across St Mary’s Bridge
And don’t you have no worries
‘Bout why she did those things she did
Ignore the voice that’s telling you
She never loved you anyway
And go embrace…the first of better days

That throbbin’ in your head
Is gonna leave you dyin’
Turn around and take a look
At all you leave behind

Bridge: You could have tried to wait things out
Just a little bit longer
But the feeling you were being left out
Kept getting stronger

That whisper in your ears
Is gonna haunt your dreams
It might seem you’ll never find
What you’ve been looking for

Chorus, substitute line six with “to wait it out just one more day”

My Place by the Window

Written By: Daniel Mackin

Upstairs at my place by the window
It seems the sun don't ever hurt my eyes
As I look out on to the distant highway
And wait for some kind of sign

This morning I walked up to that highway
Just like I do on every other day
And watched the bus unload its weary travelers
I watched as it pulled away

The sound of your broken laugh
As I said, "Don't look back."
Will haunt me till the day I die
But baby, we touched the sky

The wind blows through this empty house
A sad cliché but it's true
I wait all night for some voice to say
"She's coming back to you..."

Upstairs at my place by the window
I can see the highway disappear
Into the dust and twilight and the shadows
Tomorrow I'm sleeping in

The sound of your broken laugh
As I said, "Don't look back."
Will haunt me till the day I die
But baby, we touched the sky.


I'm a BMI-affiliated songwriter, but nothing's published yet. *sniff*