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"Fine night for Automobiles"

Singer songwriter Daniel Maitland's wierd and wonderful project (A bad night for automobiles) goes on unabated with a spellbinding performance in the intimate setting of the Spitz.
Performing sometimes solo at piano or guitar or even once on the saxophone and more often with members of his highly talented and versatile band of multi-instrumentalists, Maitland put in a bid for one of the gigs of the year. A published poet (featured on sky), his words alone 'Outside I heard the children/ Pulling each other on Bin Bags/ Across the rusty snow' would be enough for the entry fee, but the music more than keeps up, veering from folk to rock to talking heads style outrageous pop and the darkest of dark Tom Waitsian tales of urban life. More than enough to keep the crowd rivetted for the two hours of his catalogue. Bring on the album.
- The London evening Standard


www.myspace.com/Daniel Maitland

Myspace (10 000 hits in six months)
comments and reviews

Hi mate, lovely songs, good lyrics a hint of Mr Buckley

Wish i had those silky smooth skills of yours, damn it!
Your songs are fantastic! Hints of 'Love' in there, are you a fan?

Congrats on the "Featured Artist" on Stephanies site. You deserve the exposure. I hope it brings a lot of new fans your way!

I'm loving the songs. They're very thought provoking...

We had your tunes on rotate last night, great stuff... perfect back drop to a chill out session!
So nice to hear people getting back to their roots and recording live acoustic sounds - love the melody line.

lol...I just read the lyrics for the "Oh Joe" song... it cracks me up about the dad thing!...I just love your music, it's so unique!

I love your music, it beautiful.

Hey, your stuff has me completely mellowed out. I woke up in kind of a grumpy mood.

Hey man I love your songs... "Taken In" reminds me of the quieter (and better) moments of Elvis Costello, but with a more uplifting vibe... and "I haven't been out..." reminds me of Ben Folds Five
- comments from my page


Taken In EP
on itunes
Whats wrong with my Boyfriend!? sampler album from www.myspace.com/danielmaitland.

Played on/written for albums by Geno Washington/ Melanie Blatt/ Nu Future/ The Linda Sandiford Quartet/ The Jazz B'stards/ The Shrubbies

Poetry book Even Bad Dogs Do Good things available on www.lulu.com/danielmaitland and good book shops



Finally, an EP release on itunes for ex Geno Washington and Melanie Blatt songwriter, Myspace star and all round Old Person.

Hello, my name’ s Daniel Maitland. I am a songwriter and musician who has played written with: Geno Washington, All Saints, the RSC and members of Stereo MCs. This included lots of TV and touring and that, but have I always had too many Russian twins to take care of to get my own stuff together, (though I was featured on Sky and in some magazines with my poems).
I have spent the past five years therefore somewhat fraudulently mentoring young British musicians on the Alan Mcgee/Tony Blair (formally known as Dollar) inspired New Deal for Musicians Scheme. They included Adem and MC Skibadee – and I hereby claim full credit for all their success.
Being incredibly old, I have eschewed all sorts of modern songwriting tricks such as beats (innit) and sequencing and just stuffed mic’s into my creaking hard disk recorders, stuck one of my Bukowskie-esque poems in front of my jowly face, put my fat old fingers onto guitars, pianos, saxophones and my lovely ancient Philicorder, and pressed record.
Despite my best intentions, working with all these keen youngsters led me to achieve a bare smattering of music business sense and I have somehow ended up releasing my first EP, Taken In, on itunes. More surprising still, it’s selling like hot (well, warm) cakes.
I got me chops together by setting up a south London songwriters’ night called What’s wrong with my Boyfriend!? (We take the angst out of angstcoustic). And making them all listen to me every week until they stopped booing and started to clap – then I let the next guy play.
I also play sometimes with my band, A Bad Night For Automobiles, and often solo wherever they’ll have me.
The reason the tracks sound better than they should is because my good friend and top producer Phil Scragg (Robert Plant) tidied them up for me. And the reason that I look better than I should is that my girlfriend Liane Brookes (Transition) did all my lovely artwork. Thanks.
PS. This EP, despite my light tone, is actually the result of a twenty year journey, writing and playing an incredible diversity of music, and of course means a great deal to me.

Pps I have just published a book of me funny old poems Even Bad Dogs Do Good things, available on www.lulu.com/danielmaitland and all good book shops.