Daniel Marr

Daniel Marr


Timeless, summery indie-pop.


In the fall of 2006, Daniel Marr quit his job and began recording songs for his debut studio LP with good friend and established producer, Dylan Margerum. “Waves Crash In Stereo,” includes the best material from his five self-released albums and a batch of brand new songs. Of the summery indie-pop record, UK based Taxi Magazine states; “his album, when released, ought to be a staple of everyone's record collection."

Inspired by the likes of Brian Eno, Phil Spector, Brian Wilson, and David Bowie, Daniel set out to make an album that recalled a time when pop music was a viable form of artistic expression, and layered, “wall of sound” production wasn’t frowned upon. Built on Daniel’s do-it-yourself sensibilities (all five previous albums were recorded, performed, and mixed by Daniel himself) more than half of these songs have tracks that were recorded by Daniel in his bedroom.

In addition to playing approximately fifteen shows at Manhattan's Mercury Lounge, Daniel has performed at many esteemed New York staples such as The Knitting Factory, Don Hill's, Pete's Candy Store, CBGB's, Sin-E, and the now defunct Brownies. The January 2005 issue of Jane Magazine called him "so talented with an insanely catchy sound," and featured his 8-track demo of the song, "What Did You Expect,” on an accompanying compilation CD. Two of Daniel’s self-released albums were sold and displayed with accompanying write-ups at the infamous indie record store, Other Music in Manhattan. In the summer of 2007, Daniel released a preview EP entitled "No Hit Wonder," featuring 10 of 18 songs from "Waves Crash In Stereo." It is being sold exclusively at Other Music.

Fun fact: Due to budget constraints, drums for all nine songs containing them (thus far) were recorded in eight hours by Tyler “the machine” Soucy.


Last Song #2

Written By: Daniel Marr

I don't know myself anymore
I'm on a path of self destruction and I don't know myself anymore
I don't know why I put up with you
when you clearly don't want to be with me
but still I'll let you string me along
and I don't know myself anymore
I'd fuck half of New York City
if just to forget about you
or I'll just keep telling myself that
and I don't know myself anymore
All I ever wanted was to fall in love,
but it never really happened


Official debut record:
"Waves Crash In Stereo" (2007)

Previous self-released demo albums:
"Fading Photographs" (2006)
"Circa 1981" (2004)
"Self Portrait" (2003)
"Everybody is My Biggest Fan" (2002)
"Huge in Japan" (2001)

Set List

I have 80+ songs, so my set list varies greatly. I usually aim for 12 songs in 45 minutes if I am playing with other musicians. If solo, a few more.