Daniel Montoya
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Daniel Montoya

Albuquerque, NM | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Albuquerque, NM | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Country Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sonic Reducer"

Okay I didn’t know about Daniel Montoya until I got this CD in the mail and I took one look at it and said out loud, “lordy, lordy, lordy.” But as soon as the dang thing started playing inside my Apple desktop and pouring out sound through the B & W Nautilus speakers craftily hidden somewhere in my cluttered home office, I knew I was gonna have a good day. Montoya’s sense of exhuberance is infectious. He accomplishes this potent allure with a combination of informed musicality—he can play, sing and tell stories and how, yo—and a backing band that is totally tuned into his sense of tempo and timing. In fact, the band kills, adding a silvery sparkle to the ton and half of pure grit Montoya delivers on tunes like “Muddy Waters” and “Come On In.” - Weekly Alibi

"records we're into: Tangerine Sunrise - Daniel Montoya"

I stumbled on this record eight or nine pages in on the "new folk" tab in Bandcamp's discover section, a testament to just how often fantastic music sits waiting in the bowels of the internet, and like every other record I was tabbing through to get a preview of, I clicked on the art for Montoya's sophomore effort and moved my cursor to the next one, waiting to bail as soon as I heard enough to make a judgement. It took two seconds of the record's closing track Come On In for me to know I'd listen to the whole thing.

I love this record because it does the ambient thing that is so hip right now, but he doesn't make us hear the ambient stuff for 7:59 seconds before he starts singing. The ambiance on this record is like a damn good set on a mid-level theatre stage, it serves its purpose and gets out of the way to let the real thing happen. For Daniel Montoya, for Tangerine Sunrise, that's the songwriting.

this house is warm, won't you come on in? / this house is warm, welcome home again

The pedal steel work on this record, provided by Alex McMahon, really ties together what might otherwise be a vaguely Americana-ish sounding rhythm section and places it squarely in the alt-country world. Montoya & Co. wisely utilize the classic sound and expression of the pedal steel to offset the guitar that dives into the sort of reverb-wet-mix-hotter-than-dry guitar that isn't too common in the country world.

Anyway I'm talking too much now. Just go listen to the record. - Margot

"Daniel Montoya - On My Way"

Sounds like: William Fitzsimmons, Ray Lamontagne, Travis, Avett Brothers

Why do we like this?

At it's core, songwriting is all about telling a story. Putting the listener into a place where they can feel what you're feeling, all while striking chords of their own memories and emotions. Singer-songwriter Daniel Montoya is doing exactly that with his track "On My Way."

Released a while back as part of his EP Nothing For Us, Montoya taps into the heart of Americana as he plucks his acoustic guitar along with his yearning filled and life-worn vocals.

By the second chorus "On My Way," it swells into a beautiful Brit-pop influenced affair, complete with drum machines and ringing electric guitar, until the song gently comes back to earth -- all reminding the listener of just how far they still have to go despite being on their way. But the hopeful tone makes me think that Montoya wouldn't want it any other way. - Indie Shuffle


Tangerine Sunrise - Feb 2, 2018

Nothing For Us - Sep 9, 2014



Daniel Montoya is a Singer/Songwriter based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He picked up a guitar at the start of the millennium and started writing songs and performing soon after. Montoya has always had a fascination with music, with strong musicians on both sides of the family. “I grew up with my mom singing in church every Sunday, my grandparents playing piano and guitar and singing. I became fascinated with music early on and it just stuck with me.” As a young man Montoya began exploring genres, including Folk, Blues, Americana, and Country Western. During this exploration Daniel found his true songwriting voice. “I just kept listening to Dylan, Springsteen, Cash, and others. Their songs just stuck with me. Their stories, their experiences, those songs were like windows into their lives, yet somehow these songs were windows into my own experience. I wanted to write songs like that.” Montoya started seriously writing songs in 2012, just an acoustic guitar and a pen and paper. This simple format allows him to get outside of the arrangement and focus on lyrical storytelling and melody. Montoya’s sound is a unique blend of traditional country and folk with a modern twist. The sound ranges from classic country, with strong drum shuffles, singing pedal steel, and bouncing bass lines, to ambient ballads, with swimmy pedal steel pads, fingerpicked guitar, and solid grooves to hold it all together. His debut EP “Nothing For Us” released in 2014, and has just released his sophomore EP “Tangerine Sunrise” in February 2018.

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