Daniel Owens

Daniel Owens


Daniel Owens combines lush harmonies and innovative messages with an indie folk/rock sound.


My musical history begins when I was five years old, learning the piano, and playing recitals. When I turned twelve I began to self-teach myself the guitar by exercising my innate ability to have out-of-body experiences and thus, have an objective view of my guitar development. It worked pretty well. And, no drugs needed!

In high school I began to compose my own material, play in various rock/punk bands, and perform extensively. In college I began to merge my piano, guitar, and vocal skills to create my own songs in a sort of singer/songwriter fashion. But, I wasn't exactly sure where to take it because I always knew I wanted to sound novel and familiar all at once, and I wanted to make sure I was playing in a genre that was altogether "me." That's the balance that I'm always wavering on. So, I listened a lot. I listened to all eras of pop, classical, jazz, rock, folk, soul, R&B. I listened to my music instructors who guided my discovery of harmony. I listened to all the great lyricists and song writers of many generations. In the end? Well, my head exploded. No, just kidding. In the end I know, with lucid certainty, that I am a songwriter who wants to fuse pop, soul, rock, and electro-acoustic sounds to create songs that are both accessible and refined. I like that description a lot.

So now, at 25, in San Francisco, in 2008, I find there is plenty to write about. And mostly, I want to write about circumstances that are relevant to our time, as we struggle and work hard to enjoy our lives and remain motivated and excited about what is happening and what is to come. I aspire to inform, inspire, and heal through my music just like all of my favorite artists.

I'm currently performing throughout the Bay Area, and I just released my first full-length album entitled Stargazer. I would place it in a rock/folk genre although it does weave into jazz, pop, and other alternative elements. If you want to engage in a polemic about this, I'm not really down for that. But, you can try. The album is a stripped down approach in regards to the instrumentation (acoustic and electric guitars, bass, piano, and drums). However, I always find enough room to create an expansive sonic space in regards to harmony. That's the forte. I like to test the parameters of harmony and I get upset when I hear popular music that is so dull and trite. Boooo! Luckily, there is quite a vast amount of music that feeds my soul.

The emotions I feel from music usually trigger me to imagine lyrics; not the other way around. That's just me, however, and I know there are various ways to compose. I don't think there is one right way to do things as a musician/songwriter. In fact, there are just 2 ways to do things correctly. No, I'm kidding again. To be serious, I do believe that a large majority of the musicians who gain clout and exposure are the ones who believe in their own music thoroughly without any reservations. This is why some artists gain fame without really having a keen sense of technique or harmonic knowledge. They just create what innately comes to them, they believe in it, they shake their booty, and this dynamic drives them to showcase what they do. I do things a little differently because I create music that has a depth to it. I create it with the expectation that it will endure; stand the test of time; make eternal waves; etc. etc.

Current goals for Daniel Owens: Perform extensively. Record extensively. Compose extensively. Study, study, study....


Chasing You

Written By: Daniel Owens

All the styles, all the trends
Somehow you seem so far ahead
It never ends, you're breaking ground

All the times I couldn't tell if we would always compete
Or just meet with no tension in between

Explode with so much life
We both tame a beast held deep inside

You will run
You're closing in on all this greatness to be done
With my own two feet I will work out all the kinks I see in me
I still feel like I'm chasing you

I always wanted to let you know
You compel me to always grow in ways you've before my turn
You know I won't hesitate to place you with the rest of the great men, the great saints, and the heavenly folks we've known

Tell me it's good to search for gold
Because it's your voice that points me to this glorious road


I'm hot on your tail
Let's keep it up
I don't see you slowing down
I'll have to speed up


Light Unto The World

Written By: Daniel Owens

Boy, what have they been teaching you at school?
Are you taken where the heart is to learn those loving rules?
Facts can show a path but you must stride and walk it
What good is the knowledge without some boots to use and walk with?
Since I've known you I've heard your discontents
Turn those crimson lips upwards at their ends
I know you have a smile
So when you have me for awhile
Liberate yourself as we walk miles and miles
Be the change you want to see
Be the catalyst, that can't be missed
The one for eyes to see
Be the light unto the world
We could be standing under darkness
And you could be a pearl
You don't have to brood about the fate of our time
The prophets that I've trusted have eternity on their minds
Take your taste and palette
Embrace them as they shine
Everyone has their own
The beauty of our divide
Everything you say about the world shows me who you are
You can wave your slick opinion but I'd rather count the stars


"Stargazer" is the first full-length album by Daniel Owens.

Set List

The set list is a mixture of guitar and piano based songs centered in a folk/rock/pop genre that can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 1/2 hours depending on what is appropriate for the show. Common covers are Radiohead, Coldplay, Rufus Wainwright, and Elton John songs.