Daniel Payne

Daniel Payne


Music from the roots of the Newfoundland tradition. Powerful and authentic, this solo performer collects dance music and songs from the oral tradition that are in danger of disappearing forever, and breathes new life into them through spirited performance and inspired arrangement.


Daniel Payne is from Cow Head, a small fishing community on the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, an area with a rich history of traditional music. Growing up in a musical family exposed him to the powerful rhythms and heartfelt songs that make up this unique music. Unfortunately, by the time Daniel was in his teens, much of this musical culture had disappeared. The chain of tradition had been broken. Since then, Daniel has devoted himself to seeking out the older players and singers, collecting their music and performing it in a style that is at once authentic and innovative. Through the revitalization of these songs, Daniel hopes to do his part to effect a renaissance of musical culture on the island. He has performed this music literally around the world, to places as far away as Japan and Australia, all the while maintaining a strong connection to his musical roots.


Jigs in Space

Written By: Daniel Obediah Payne


The Meech Lake Breakdown / Pretty Little Mary

Written By: Emile Benoit / Traditional



Chain, released 2008.

An inspired collection of thundering instrumental numbers interspersed with raw unaccompanied ballads.

Set List

A typical set list will include instrumental dance tunes on a variety of instruments, as well as unaccompanied songs, all woven together by storytelling that puts the music in a context.

Typically 45 minutes sets, anywhere from 1 to 3, but flexible as the occasion demands.