Daniel Randle

Daniel Randle


Do you want jam packed acoustic action at your fingertips? You do!!!? I have the stuff that you need! My songs are not for the weak of mind or faint of heart - so be prepared. Five minutes with my songs playing in your ears can and will bring out the your memories of love. Listen and you will feel.


My name is Daniel Randle. I come from a fairly normal family, in a fairly normal small town. You might think as a Fairbanks Alaskan I spend most of my time on snow mobiles and polar bears, but in fact I do not own a snow mobile and have never seen a polar bear. Fairbanks is all about who you know and what you do with your time. In the mid winter we only get about 3 hours of daylight so you best plan it out well. My favorite thing to do with my time is to write and record music. That's why I am on sonic bids I suppose, so I can submit the songs I create to contests. If your curious what a Fairbanks Alaskan feels and thinks, give my songs a listen. I don't have all of them on this site, but if you like the song here and want to hear more, go to www.myspace.com/randleonline . I have all of my currents songs posted there. I think this biography written so far suits me, so I will leave it at this.


Don't You Worry

Written By: Daniel Randle

You said
That I should have
Seen it coming
I guess I did
You're right
This is my fault
Wouldn't have happened
If I was dead

Well to hell with you
and to hell with all your friends
To hell with trying
To make these damn amends

This is the last time I'm going to spell it out for you
This is the last time I'll take another fall for you
This is the last time that I'm going to pretend
It was my fault when you said

Don't you worry about me now my love
We are fine
I'll simply fix it with a one way ticket
A one way ticket to another life
And the truth be told
It will never get old
I'll keep you like a ring around my finger
I'm sorry darling my hand stays so cold

Don't you tell me
That you didn't mean to break my heart
No I don't want to hear your stories
About how it was so hard

I said
Don't you worry about the same old lies
Don't you worry about making everything alright
Don't you worry about saying goodnight
Don't you worry about wasting your time
Don't you worry about your star in my sky
Baby maybe you could give it to the next guy
Don't you worry about being on my mind
Don't you worry about me girl I'll be fine


Don't You Worry
Goodbye For Now
Answers Best For Later
Left Behind
My Standing Promise
Love is Strong
(note go to www.myspace.com/randleonline to hear all of my songs, also available for download)

Set List

Don't You Worry
Goodbye For Now
Answers Best For Later
Left Behind
My Standing Promise
Love is Strong

To play straight through this set it would take about 40 minutes. I have more songs in the writing process now.