Daniel Reyes-Llinas

Daniel Reyes-Llinas


Daniel Reyes-Llinas is a Colombian Guitarist and composer residing in NYC. His music comprises Latin American and Contemporary elements. Daniel uses Traditional Standard Tuning and New Standard Tuning guitars. His first CD record is in work during 2008.


Daniel Reyes Llinas began his Musical career at the age of 10 teaching himself how to play the guitar. Later began his formal musical training with guitarist Carlos Castilla ; In 1999 he studied at Andes University in Bogota, Colombia with under Carlos Rocca Lynn and Jaime Arias Obregon. He has has attended master classes and workshops with Cuba’s outstanding Composer Leo Brouwer (Cuba), Eduardo Fernandez, (Uruguay), Ricardo Cobo, (Colombia), Manuel Barrueco, Ricardo Iznaola (USA-Cuba), among others.

In 2001 He was selected among the ‘Youngest Performer Series’ at Luis Angel Arango Music Hall in Bogotá. This performance was broadcast by the HJCK radio station in Colombia. As well as his composition for solo guitar “Energeia” was featured in a CD compilation of contemporary music, “ Ecua”.

In 2002 he traveled to the United States to broad his musical experiences. in 2004 He attends Guitar Craft seminaries , directed by Robert Fripp and assisted by Tony Geballe, Curt Golden and the League of Crafty Guitarist (US). Since then he is an ongoing GuitarCraft student and member of NYC repertoire Circle directed by Tony Geballe.
Daniel is Currently producing and recording his debut cd of his own compositions. is also studying composition with Nonesuch records artist Fernando Otero.


Ecua, 2001

Set List

La Espiral Eterna - ( The Eternal Spiral )
Elogio de la Danza - ( Praise of the Dance )
Leo Brouwer (b. 1939)

Etude N.8 ( Saudade )
Heitor Villalobos (1887 - 1959)

Venezuelan Valses N.1 & N.2
Antonio Lauro (1917- 1986)

Two Catalan Folk songs
El Testament D’ Amelia - ( Amelia's Testament )
Lo fill del Rei - (The King’s Son)
Miguel Llobet (1878-1938)

Verano Porteño ( Summer in Buenos Aires)
La Muerte del Angel ( The Angel’s Death )
Astor Piazzolla ( 1921-1992)

El Pacifista ( The peacemaker )
Daniel Reyes-Llinas (b.1978)