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""...Rosenboom is a phenomenon.""

"...The younger Rosenboom is a phenomenon...His speed and singing high notes are amazing. He is a cool customer onstage, but what comes out of the mouthpiece is red hot." - Los Angeles Times

"Review of 'Evolution (2004)'"

Daniel Rosenboom's trumpet and electronics tour de force Evolution captures all the gravity of '70s prog rock with a dramatic flair of Freddy Mercury-proportions. If the sampled electric guitar intro doesn't get your adrenaline going, time to holdup a little mirror in front of your mouth—are you breathing? Seriously, Rosenboom goes for the jugular both rhythmically and melodically, running through time signatures like a box of Kleenex at an AA meeting. It makes me wonder what this would sound like as a concerto for trumpet, ditching the electronics for a live death metal band. And why not? The piece already comes with the obligatory three-movement construction. Someone get Bolt Thrower on the phone.

- Randy Nordschow, New Music Box - New Music Box

"Review of 'Bloodier, Mean Son'"

Bloodier, Mean Son (Nine Winds 238; USA) Featuring Daniel Rosenboom on trumpet & electronics, Derrick Spiva, Jr. om piano, Jake Vossler on electric guitar, Orest Balaban on electric bass, Michael Pisaro on sine-tones, Randy Gloss on tabla, Austin Wrinkle on drums & tabla and Jacqeline Humbert - voice. Compositions by Rosenboom, Nick Didkovsky, Vinny Golia Derrick Spiva, Robert Lax and Michael Pisaro. "Evolution" is a tight, progressive work for intricate trumpet, electric guitar and electric bass played at breakneck speed with midi-drum machine programmed to play these difficult parts. It is as if Nancarrow wrote for a prog/jazz/rock band. "Conflict and Confluence" prog, metal and fusion sounds into an unlikely and successful hybrid that is unlike anything I've heard before. As the el. guitar, bass and drums lock in play their lines together the trumpet plays precise counterpoint with/against them. Vinny Golia's "39.1 Degrees Celsius" is a solo trumpet work for mutated trumpet sounds, well played by Mr. Rosenboom. "Zones of Coherence" is again a solo trumpet work for layers on intricate and twisted trumpet sounds. As this piece evolves the layers of trumpet parts swim around one another with occasional buzzing echo-plexed flurries. Mr. Spiva's "Twenty-Seven" features samples sitar, complex tabla-fueled rhythms and spectacular trumpet soloing. Quite similar to John Mayer's later Indo-Jazz Fusion bands. Mr. Pisaro's "Every Night (Harmony Series 12C)" features distant drones floating in space, patience is required to observe the nuances of each drone as it sails by. "Music for Unstable Circuits" sounds like they are using an old fashioned computer with old science fiction-like sounds erupting in waves around the echoed trumpet lines. It is alien sounding and quite mesmerizing. The final piece is the title track and it was composed by Nick Didkovsky, leader of local prog sensation, Doctor Nerve. It does have that great, feisty rocking groove with some great trumpet and prog/metal guitar soloing. 'Bloodier, Mean Son" is an anagram for Daniel Rosenboom's name and is perhaps the most surprising (and great) discs we've heard from Nine Winds. - BLG - Downtown Music Gallery

"Review of ITG Commission World-Premeire"

Neville Young, Reporter

This interesting concert started spectacularly, with the 2006 ITG Composition Commission, Way of Light by Anne LeBaron. This intriguing and involving work is written for solo trumpet, electronics and video and was an amazing way to start the day - performer Daniel Rosenboom standing motionless beneath the massive video screen on which a huge eye appeared ? the electronics then started up and were eventually joined by the trumpet, cup muted, playing a long, quiet melody as the video and the electronic sounds slowly changed, bringing in new shapes and colours. The eye merges and mutates, becoming surf, a figure dancing. The trumpet part and the electronics increase in vigour as strange little sprites follow curved paths which turn out to be shaped along the dips and rises of power lines as a new image comes in, and so it goes on. I can't emphasize too strongly how impressive is the effect of the trumpet part's interaction with the video and the electronic sound track. Rosenboom's virtuosic performance added great excitement to the piece as we flew through fantastic landscapes or saw flashes of other images: a flutter-tongued passage gave way to a reflective, beautiful melody in the trumpet part. Both the electronic soundtrack and the video move in and out of naturalistic and more clearly artificial sounds and images; the tape offers sonorous, huge, resonant sounds alongside moments of more clearly obvious trumpet samples, so that at times Rosenboom is accompanying himself. This is a fine and fascinating work, which I would very much like to hear and see again. - International Trumpet Guild


"Bloodier, Mean Son" - 2006 on Nine Winds Records NWCD 0238

"Book of Riddles" - anticipated release 2008 on Nine Winds Records NWCD 0287

As a band member:

PLOTZ! - "Extraordinary Renditions" 2007 PMCD 002
Harris Eisenstadt - "All Seeing Eye/Octets" 2007
DR MiNT - "Visions and Nightmares" 2008 PFMCD 049



Daniel Aaron Rosenboom (b. 5/7/1982) is a trumpet virtuoso, composer, producer, record label owner, and creative artist who seeks break musical boundaries by fusing styles in new and inventive ways. According to Mark Swed of the Los Angeles Times, “Rosenboom is a phenomenon.?

By combining the sounds of creative improvised music and contemporary classical music with rock and roll, heavy metal, hip-hop, jazz, experimental electronic music, and traditional folk music from the Balkans, North India, and Middle East, he has created a brand of indefinable and hair-raising music. Uncompromising intensity, tender melodic sensibility, keen intuition, inventive improvisation, the precision of a classical virtuoso with the fervor of a metal rocker, define Rosenboom's unique approach to music.

In 2006, Rosenboom released his debut solo CD, Bloodier, Mean Son, which features world-premeire recordings of new works for solo trumpet and electronics, on Nine Winds Records. He has appeared as a soloist and collaborator on festivals and in recitals at the International Trumpet Guild's annual conference, University of York, England, the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, the La Mama Theater in New York City, at REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theater), the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California Institute of the Arts, the Eastman School of Music, the Aspen Music Festival, Music Academy of the West, the Chosen Vale and Lake Placid Trumpet Seminars, Idyllwild Arts and Interlochen Arts Academy. With orchestras and chamber ensembles, he has appeared on such stages as Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Berlin Philharmonie, Opera City in Tokyo, the Hollywood Bowl, and in music festivals all over the United States.

He plays regularly with PLOTZ!, an electro-acoustic band that performs original music as well as Balkan traditional dance music in a variety of styles, ranging from heavy metal to quiet acoustic folk styles. PLOTZ! also recently released their first album, Extraordinary Renditions. Also, he is a regular member of the Industrial Jazz Group, and Little Wooden Bridge. As a free-lance artist in Los Angeles, he has recorded for and been heard on ABC, ESPN, BMG, Killer Tracks, Paramount, Poobah Records, Ninewinds Records, 105.1 KMZT, and has played with such groups as the Los Angeles Philharmonic New Music Group, the Los Angeles Valley Master Chorale, the Asia America Symphony Association, the Pnninsula, Westchester, and Carson Symphony Orchestras, the New Century Players. Other projects and ensembles include the Vinny Golia Large Ensemble, the Los Angeles Trumpet Quartet (with John Fumo, Jeff Kaiser, and Kris Tiner), VR with guitarist David Veslocki, collaborations with Irmin Schmidt from CAN, the Grande Mothers of Invention, Brad Dutz, and Harris Eisenstadt. Daniel studied at the Eastman School of Music with master pedagogue James Thompson for his Bachelor of Music Degree. He also holds a Master of Music degree from UCLA where he studied with international trumpet virtuoso, Jens Lindemann, and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the California Institute of the Arts where he studied with Edward Carroll, Vinny Golia, John Fumo, Wadada Leo Smith, Miroslav Tadic, and Larry Koonse.