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Are You Ready?

Written By: Daniel Sette

I'm that boom boom killer, girlfriend stealer, you think that you're real? Well I'm so much realer, the beer is bitter, drunk rap spitter, burrying your rhymes like kitty litter, pussy cat, and I watch that pussy clap, bring you're body back, Imma finger that, as soon as I saw her I knew that I'd tap, and if a bitch outta line imma have to slap, and I'm about to snap, cause I go off with raps, crackle and pop, I'm at the top so there's no topping that, like the opposite of pizza and I got the visa, my dick hang to the side like the leaning tower of Pisa.

Chorus: Welcome to my show, welcome to my cars, welcome to my clothes, welcome to my hoes. And are you ready? Cause this is Daniel Setteeeeeee! X2

I'm here, that's music to your ears, sounds real nice, like when the mustang switches gears, I'm every other rappers fear ending careers one by one, making the haters have tears, cry babbies, cause I'm mean like a rabbit with rabbies, I'm a ferrari and you just a mercedes, vroom! turn the base up in this room, everybody's jamming to this new hit tune, and imma be known soon, gangstas and goons, goons and goblins, I run the hood so you can call me Robin.

Chorus X2