Daniel's voice carries a ringing of success as he brings his music to the scene in hopes to reach many heights. His lyrical content reflects many facets of life’s realities with an emphasis above simplicity highlighted in mainstream music today.



Recording artist Daniel McClain’s voice radiates mastery of R&B as it’s supposed to be heard. Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Daniel recalls the first time he acknowledged his gift. “While my aunts were listening to New Edition’s “What’s Your Name” in the living room, I came out and slid on my knees singing the song to them and this is when I realized that there’s a chance for me as a recording artist.”

With influences including Mint Condition, Guy, Michael Jackson, The Stylistics, Keith Sweat, Whitney Houston, Glenn Jones, Freddie Jackson, Luther Vandross, Bobby Womack, he set the bar high in his own singing. He holds a special place in his heart for the New Jack Swing era, and carved out a legitimate career in R&B on his own.

Daniel appeared for high profile events including Black History Month at the Massachusetts State House, The NAACP Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast Conference, The NAACP ACT-SO Program, New-Day Associates Designer of The Year Showcases (publishers of Black Men, Black Women, & Hype Hair magazines) The Diplomat Club for Tahanee’s Fashion Review Showcase, The Park Avenue Lounge, and prominent Boston venues Johnny D’s, The Enormous Room, and Slades. He also sang at the legendary Fenway Park.

Daniel, a graduate of the esteemed Berklee College of Music, has won several competitions, including WILD Radio 1 Karaoke Contest, NEXT New England’s Boston Idol Competition, and The Discovery Award at the 1999 Kahlua Boston Music Awards.

Throughout his career, Daniel has performed at events with Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler, Motown artist Latif, Lalah Hathaway, Richard Smallwood, Neena Freelon, JT & The Dirty Truth, Matt Cusson, Capitol records recording artist Javier, Tha Dead Poets, Ryan Leslie, Darcel Wilson, Gabrielle Goodman, Donna McElroy, Armsted Christian, David Balfour (keyboardist for Anthony Hamilton,) Robin McKelle, and Dennis Montgomery, III, to name a few.

With Daniel’s smooth vocal and engaging delivery, it’s no surprise he was invited to perform at the Berklee College of Music 60th Anniversary at The Wang Center; sharing the stage with legends host Bill Cosby, Herbie Hancock, Abe Laboriel, Sr., Gloria Estefan, Gary Burton, Juan Luis Guerra, Phil Ramone, Paul Simon, Steve Gadd, Walter Beasley, and many more. He was also invited to sing at the Jazz Q Festival held in St. Petersburg, Russia with fellow musicians David Fiuzenski and friends as the Heavy Groove Ensemble, emulating rock fusion and funk with songs from Me’shell Ndegeocello and Screaming Headless Torsos. Performing along side George Duke and Stanley Clark, Maceo Parker, and many more. “It was a great experience for me because they were in open arms to us and the music without any social barriers. They just wanted good music.”

Connecting with listeners of all ages, Daniel’s latest solo release features top-level performers/ producers including Mateo Laboriel, Dawaun Parker (from Dr. Dre’s camp) and Jordan Orvosh. Daniel, who wrote and produced the songs, offers a stunning and sophisticated portrayal of life’s realities and his innermost expressions. While Daniel is radio ready for today’s market, and honing a classic Rhythm & Blues taste, his music is timeless and exemplary. Along with his SOULTRON comrads (JT & The Dirty Truth, The Dead Poets, Chuck "Ducci", and Hoopla) with tireless humility and dedication, Daniel “Sky High” McClain forges a path of musical excellence and limitless potential. In his words “ It’s about the art of story telling with real "sangin’, real life, real love… Soultron music.”

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Written By: Daniel McClain (rap: Chad Shabazz)

1st Verse:
Tonight I’m With My Homies
Hood-Hoppin’ to a party
Amped up up in my rolly cause we know we look Fly.

(WE) Pulled up into the hot scene
Kicked down the door lookin’ mean
These girls are lookin’ naughty and the DJ’s on fire.

1st Lift:
As we stepped inside we bobbed our head to the bass
Watchin’ everyone break a sweat
And I can’t deny when the music’s playin’ I’m in a Daze,
Cause the party had taste. So I had to go Crazy

I Couldn’t Wait
And The Beat Was Blazin'
So I Knew It Wasn’t The Time To Parley
Ain’t No Stress On My Face
Groovin’ Till The Break Of Day
And I Can’t Stop Actin’ A Fool Cause I’m Crazy BABY!

2nd Verse:
Now hold on a second
These girls are really steppin’ but
There was one in my direction tryin' to give me a sign.

I’m thinkin’ what’s her name?
(Is she feelin’ me?) What’s the deal?
Cause she’s killin’ me (OOHHIIEE!)
She came to me takin’ me by surprise

2nd Lift:
So we stepped on the floor not knowin’ what was in stored
All of a sudden things (Slowed Down)
So good I couldn’t even (Hear a Sound)
And I can’t deny when the music’s playin I’m in A Daze
Cause the Party Had Taste So I Had To Go CRAZY!

(Chorus 2x)

(CRAZY) See my girl left me and I’m tryin’ not to feel so
(LONELY) But that’s not the case and my boys and I are ready to
(PARTY) Now the night is young and I wanna have some fun
So don't test me baby, 'cause I'm 'bout to go CRAZY!

Deeds Of Love

Written By: Daniel McClain

1st Verse:
The more I think of time, the more that I know where my heart beats.
The more I think of you, the more that I know what my heart feels.
I look beyond the sky of twinkling stars and wishful fantasies,
To find the essence of you in a vision that heaven gave me.

It’s not hard for me to see, the power of love bestowed on me,
But I long to show the deeds of love to you in honesty,
How I long to show the deeds of love to you in honesty,
Now I live to show the deeds of love to you in honesty.

2nd Verse:
How I yearn of the bliss from your fingers across my face
To the trickling of my fingers on your body in many ways
I feel my purpose is to (Love) love you and to (Touch) touch you
Just to sooth your soul,- and you know that I (Can’t Deny It)
And I (Won’t Fight It) girl I’m not lyin’ (And You’re Gonna Like It Too!).

So picture me and you under the moon, holding you tight should feel so good.
And this is (how I go about thinking of you).
And though we’re far apart, I recognize a lot, that only you have the keys to my heart. (I may sound like a fool,) But a fool in love with you! That’s why….


Your silhouette Carves itself in the midst of my mind like all the time.
But if seeing is believing then I know that the feeling that you give is one of a kind!
And now I’m frustrated ‘cause I’m miles away from the angel that I call my lady.
But I long to, how I long to, now I live to show the deeds of love baby!

Lucky Girl

Written By: Daniel McClain

1st Verse:
He lies around the town each night
To make you think that the feelings right.
Though you were pleased you still hear his lies
Because he camouflaged himself in pride (To You).

See everyday he’s in denial
And Tells you that commitment ain’t his style.
Yet you’ve always failed to realize
He never shows his heart to easy dimes. (So Tell Me…)

Who’s the next Lucky Girl?
Who’s the next Lucky Girl?
To be with a man that doesn’t love her?
Who’s the next Lucky Girl?

Who’s the next Lucky Girl?
Who’s the next Lucky Girl?
To see that it’s hard for him to share his world?
Who’s the next Lucky Girl?

2nd Verse:
Now, you knew what he did at night,
That’s why you’re sprung ‘cause his game is tight.
But now you wanna (keep him locked down baby that ain’t right)
And now your mad cause he won’t change his mind.

But wasn’t it you who chose to flirt with life!
And the fellas know when you’re vulnerable inside.
That’s why you’ve always failed to realize
He never shows his heart to easy dimes. (So Tell Me…)


Who’s Next? (8x)

It takes patience girl
If you want to be his world
But if your in it just to change him then you’re gonna get hurt.

Don’t just take my word
Ask one of your girls
If you don’t know what you need you’ll lose. So Tell Me…

(Chorus- fade)

Time Away

Written By: Daniel McClain

1st Verse:
Sugar I know we’ve had some times together
But in the end our love is strong
Being with you is all that I treasure
So promise you’ll never say so long

Now what do I have to do to show you (that I really care)
Cause this relationship seems it’s going nowhere
So I think we need some…

(Time Away) Because I’ve begun to take your love for granted…
(Time Away) And I don’t want our love to end in silence…
(Time Away) ’Cause I need to love me in order to love you forever…
(Time Away) So we can stay together!

2nd Verse:
Now I’m Sitting Here Reminiscing
Of countless moments I held you close.
And Ohh, how I miss your tender kisses,
But it’s your heart that I yearn for the most!

2nd Lift:
Now when I see you girl my heart just drifts
(my heart just drifts away)
And now I’m crying ‘cause I want our love to last. So I think we need…

See baby I need you, and I don’t wanna be with no one else!
But how can I love you if I don’t love myself!



Written By: Lyrics by Daniel McClain/ Music by Daniel McClain & Jordan Orvosh

1st Verse:
Little girl donÕt cry your eyes out.
Though you feel alone thatÕs not what lifeÕs about.
Inside you moan but youÕve gotta be strong
For your baby.
He left you and your new born.
And now youÕre forced to drop out of school
To stop your life and start a new.
Are you listening to me!

1st Chorus:
There are Babies Making Babies
ÔCause They DonÕt Know How To Love Themselves
And itÕs you and I that help them to be
With no sense of Individuality.

2nd Verse:
Little Man you have too much pride.
So cool but you lack integrity.
Therefore you think youÕre keeping it real.
Real Fake!
ThereÕs another little man who stands tall,
WonÕt follow crowds Ôcause he stands on his own.
You take his life Ôcause you hate that heÕs right,
While youÕre living a lie.

2nd Chorus:
There are Babies Killing Babies
ÔCause they donÕt know how to love themselves!
And itÕs you and I that help them to be
With no pride or dignity.
There are Babies Making Babies
ÔCause They DonÕt Know How To Love Themselves!
And itÕs you and I that Help them to be
With no sense of Individuality




DANIEL: The Demo
Time Away
Deeds Of Love
Lucky Girl
Individuality (rough mix)

Set List

45 min. set (can be shorter or longer)