A diverse melding of blues, rock, reggae, and jazz chordings with many latin nuances Daniel is easily associated with the lyrical styles of John Lennon and is comparable to John Mayor, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and Martin Sexton.


Taking roots in jazz, blues, and flamenco, Daniel Walker is somewhat of an abnormal singer songwriter. Easily associated with Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, John Mayor, Bradley Nowell and John Lennon's post-Beatle solo career, the twenty-five year old Portland, Oregon native has an eclectic writing approach of using brutally honest lyrics to tell his stories. "There's something magical about music that's not afraid to stand up and talk about uncomfortable subjects such as religion, suffering, and spiritual growth. This is generally where I draw my inspiration from; real life experiences" Daniel, now based out of San Antonio, Texas enjoys a diverse interest in music, has a blossoming teaching practice with students ranging from 7 to 45 years of age. He has studied music theory at Portland Community College and currently is supporting his first CD release(2006). ..


*LP- "A Guitar and Her Boy" - Cibilo Records
*Comp.- "Ground Control; Houston Rockers for Life 2007"
*Comp. -"Oasis 2006 Acoustic CD sampler"
*Single- "Aundrea (Ain' it Funny)"
#college and national radio airplay#

Set List

Daniel generally plays a 45 min set but can play up to 2.5 hours:

Ain't it Funny
How Are U?
Follow Me
Springtime Blues
Time 2 Move On
Old Confused Soul
Through the Motions
Shaken By Winds
Bad Fish
Redemption Song
Same in the End
Whisky N Wine
Rhythm N Vibration
Keep Movin'
Eggs, Bacon, N Coffee
A Perfect Lovesong