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Loving, Living, Life

Written By: Daniel Webb, Laurie Webb, Mark Mannock

Verse 1…
Some folks say to me, so many things are wrong
There’s no sense in what they have to say
I ask them to look around there’s more to life that’s right
Take a chance it’s the only way.

I sing my way around this nation
On streets and out on stations
Livin’ rough across the land,
Sunrise at Kakadu
Walked the streets of Sydney too
And I know from all the stories that I’ve heard,
I’m just a kid loving, living, life in the best place in the world.

Verse 2…
Sometimes when I look around all different kinds of folk
Most are working hard and living well
I hope I can live my life sharing what I’ve got
A song a smile a story I can tell.

Verse 3…
I know this isn’t what you’d call your average kind of life
I know I’ve seen more then most my age,
I felt good fortune smile luck upon my side
I’m so proud Australia is my stage.

Everyday is Harder

Written By: Daniel Webb

I’m trying my hardest to take it easy, thank god it’s not a Sunday night.
I didn’t feel so bad till the sun went down, drink away my life.
We had fun together, life was a breeze.
Nobody told me there’d be days like these.

Everyday is harder without you here, it’s not the same.
Everyday is harder without you here, everything.

Verse 2
No one says it’s only a game, when you’re on the winning team.
The heat of the moment, the chill once they leave.
I should say that I don’t need you, but deep down, that ain’t true.
How is it some folks move on, like nothing’s new.

Everything was moving so fast
Today everything's moving too slow


We might've been something special,
But no matter what, we were always good friends.


The Silent Affair

Written By: Daniel Webb, George F. Handel

Non lo diro col labbro
Che tanto ardir non ha
Non lo diro col labbro
Non lo diro col labbro
Che tanto ardir non ha
Che tanto ardir non ha
Non lo diro col labbro
Che tanto ardir non ha

Forse con le faville
Dell avide pupille
Per dir come tutt ardo
Lo sguardo parlera

Words won't express the meaning
Alas I am not so strong
Confessing my true feelings
Why does it feel so wrong
Dare I say it to her,
Her face and eyes so fair
I cannot say it to her
The girl of my silent affair

How we she see it in me
My love, my one desire
My glance will spark the passion
My eyes will fan the fire.