Sporting the hot debut disc “Outlaw”, this trio of Beach-Blanket-Bards captures the summer sounds of 2006 in a feel-good mix of reggae/groove, roots, folk and classic rock that 's earned far-out comparisons to Sublime, Jack Johnson, Johnny Cash and the Rolling Stones.


Centering around stand-out vocalist Daniel Wesley(former frontman of XFM Battle of the Bands Champion 'General Mayhem' and modern rock sensation 'Replica'), this trio prides itself on straight-ahead, catchy songwriting that delivers tasty, memorable choruses over a funky drum and bass duo. Only 6 months young and already boasting a repertoire of 30+ originals, their bright future involves plans to pursue high-powered management, conduct tours along the coasts of North America and seek international radio play that will cast them among the heavy-rotation hit-makers of the modern pop/rock scene.


Outlaw - Summer 2006
When Stars Align -- Winter 2006
Burning Bush (tentatively) --- Spring 2007

Set List

We are capable of playing 4X45 minute sets of all original content.


1. Sing and Dance
2. Slip Slide Away
3. Shoot My Shotgun
4. Everytime
5. Untitled
6. Girlfriend
7. Rocksteady
8. Crush
9. Yesterday
10. One Man Mission


1. What’s Your Name Again?
2. Beach Grove Avenue
3. Miss You
4. Outlaw
5. 24H
6. Layde Maybe
7. Johnny
8. Monday
9. Nyquil
10. You Ain’t Shit


1. Supersoaker
2. Paranoid
3. Spartan
4. Moment
5. Over
6. Waiting
7. Come Alone
8. Self Inflicted
9. Operation
10. Cold Cut Blues


1. Close My Eyes
2. Alec
3. The River (Dave)
4. Grandpa
5. Windy
6. Stars
7. Weightless
8. Down Again
9. Moment
10. Say Goodbye