Daniel Wright

Daniel Wright


Daniel Wright writes and performs some of the best music of his generation, and with the World Collective at his back, the depth and diversity of their sound rivals any act. The music grooves hard and with melodic harmonies and strong choruses, "it is impossibly catchy." This Band is MUST SEE!


Daniel Wright does NOT know what the hell he is doing . . . or so claims the San Francisco songwriter. When asked about his Boston based group The World Collective he stated "I can't really tell you how it works. We just keep trying things. Sometimes nothing happens and other times it is complete magic, that's what keeps us rollin'." The band just got off of their second independent tour of California that took them from Humboldt to Yosemite, through San Francisco, and all the way to Los Angeles. Most people who caught the group would say that Wright knows exactly what he is doing.

A first time listener at the Evergreen Lodge of Yosemite, CA commented: "There is something about his lyrics and the sound of the group that is so organic. One can relate to the subject matters. Daniel doesn't just cover the topics of love, loss and pain, like so many other pop artists of today. He writes songs about life - he captures the essence of what it is to feel human." Another fan recently wrote to the band: "I put your album on and couldn't express to you if I tried how perfectly the music was what I needed for the back drop sounds of my life at this moment. "You can't stop me from tryin" helped me sort out some serious matters of my heart and has fueled me on these last few days. You are amazing, I totally support your art, take care."

Wright is humbled that he can pen songs that hit home with people. "In my writing I try to get to the root of the truth of who I am. Music for me is all about connecting with people. I'm realizing more and more, from all this feedback, that these efforts go hand and hand. Most people go through life struggling to find who they are and I hope that is why we are making these connections with people."

With influences ranging from Brian Wilson and The Beatles to Paul Simon and Beck, The World Collective has been described as a "groove-based classic-rockin' neo-world folk collaborative, featuring a sound that is mature, stripped-down alternative pop, with light overtones of world music influences. Its vocal melodies are impossibly catchy and the genius of their harmonies sometimes rivals the stylings of The Beatles' John Lennon and Paul McCartney."

The World Collective is currently gigging all over the North East Region of the Country specifically around Boston and NYC and is always looking to expand.
Catch this group as soon as you can - they are not to be missed.


Demonstrations 2006 - Demo
Friends on Drugs - EP
The Yellow EP - EP
Daniel Wright: The World Collective - Full length

Set List

This Town
You Can't Stop Me From Tryin
Matchbox Wagon
Changing Surroundings
Lisa and Katie
Me, Daniel
All The Time
Little Bit of Love
Tell me that I love you
Cocaine Caroline
Get myself a woman
I Can't Stand
The Great Disguise
Let it go
What's it all about
Lots to learn
My New Guitar
You Still Say No
Me and Pablo
Agustus Magoo
Go Back
Rules are In/Out
Give In
List Of Things

The Band plays a variety of shows ranging from three hours of music featuring two full band sets and an acoustic set to shorter jam packed electric or acoustic sets depending on the bill.