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Dani Le Rose

Surrey, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2017

Surrey, Canada
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Pop Indie


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Audible Addixtion"

Dani Le Rose’s new video “Shellshock” gets your heart pounding immediately, comically blending risqué imagery and soft camera filters against the back drop of a sort of 80’s trailer park aesthetic, like a softcore adaptation of Napoleon Dynamite.

You begin to feel the female struggle of fighting off old conservative notions about female sexual exploration, as the story depicts a repressed and curious housewife fighting for the attention of her less than present partner. His frustrating character is most assuredly is a metaphor for the tired patriarchal ideologies of the 1980’s religious, family, and political dynamic, as he remains completely oblivious to the lavish attention of a female, the kind of attention that most men can only dream about.

You can see our protagonist’s curiosities span the gamut of “taboo”, as she fantasizes about everything from same sex experimentation, to masturbation (with a virtual cornucopia of household items I might add), from anatomical exploration, unlocking the secrets of the female orgasm, to BDSM and domination role play.

The arousing nature of the video is aided by a cast of characters, including Dani herself, who graces the screen while erotically signing and dancing around a pole in the protagonists living room. Our protagonist is then systematically depicted (presumably inside her own head) in a variety sexual-entanglements that are extremely unlikely to occur in her life, given the nature of her current relationship.

Dani’s voice is very sensual, the producer’s use of reverb is masterful, as it perfectly marries the arousing imagery of the video with the sexually liberating vibe of the song. Dani Le Rose is breaking ground that should have Tov Lo and Mrs. Gomez looking over their shoulders. You can check out the new video or stream the with the links below. - Greg Bilderback

"Substream Magazine"

DANI Le Rose confesses “I’ve Told Lies” with new music video
By Substream Staff - Jun 16, 2017
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Love has a funny way of making us see things in ways that may not match reality. Sometimes we become so infatuated with a person or thing that we cannot see the harm our connection is causing. Likewise, we sometimes let our desire to be happy take importance over the feelings of those we are attracted to, which is never a good recipe for longterm happiness. DANI Le Rose knows this better than most, and this understanding has lead her to create an infectious single you won’t soon forget.

If Lana Del Rey drew more inspiration from the woe that is modern romance instead of the idea of love sold to us through Hollywood’s golden age her music would probably sound like that of Dani Le Rose. Her sound is that of longing laid to music. She sings of romance and love torn asunder, as well as the way our relationships can shape our world perspective. When things with our significant other is good, the world is great, but when they are not it can seem like the sun does not shine for days.

“I’ve Told Lie,” the latest single from DANI Le Rose, builds on these ideas against hypnotic production that is impossible to deny. Actor Len Harvey plays the role of an obsessive lover who’s so wrapped up in the relationship that he doesn’t realize he’s causing harm, while Rose steps in as his partner. Her visual aesthetic speaks to a feeling of detachment, as if she’s suddenly unable to feel close to a world that has felt like home her entire life. You can view the visuals above.

In a message to Substream sent earlier this week DANI Le Rose told us she has been hard at work on future release. “Since moving to Vancouver,” she writes, “I’ve been spending as much time as possible developing my sound. I’ve already had the pleasure of working alongside artists such as Elle King and Zella Day.”

We expect big things from DANI Le Rose. Stay tuned. - Substream Staff

"Press Play OK"

We’ve covered young Dani Le Rose before back when she was just DANI. And her songwriting prowess is still very evident on her polished new song I’ve Told Lies. We’ve all been there of course, but we tell no lies when we says she owns this dark and dramatic electronic pop turn in quite a memorable way – check it out below. - Press Play OK Staff

"The Other Side Reveiws"

rowing my own musical tastes from my standard rock and roll has been a bit of a personal journey into my own personal experiences in life. Having listened to Dani Le Rose’s ‘Vertigo’ several times now on SoundCloud, each time I do, I find something more to like about the song. First, it was her voice; a soft yet powerful voice that has a unique quality to it. Then it was the lyrics; having taken a course in songwriting and lyrics, I can definitely appreciate the lyrics of her single and the emotions being presented. Finally, the beat; with rock and roll being my preferred taste, a pop song that had a really groovy beat was a huge delight.

As a fellow Canadian musician, it was even more surprising to learn that this really cool sounding song was from Vancouver, Canada – right in my own backyard! Growing up, Dani’s influences included Boyz II Men, Janet Jackson, Lauren Hill, and Fiona Apple. These influences have certainly given Dani her own unique style in creating her music.

When I listen to the lyrics of ‘Vertigo’, I love how she’s able to capture the essence of falling in love while simultaneously differentiating herself from other pop genre songs. From the butterflies of anticipation to the absolute and proverbial cloud nine high one experiences with a deep, new love; the amazing and futuristic sounding beat helps move the song in such a groovy way, a person can’t help but groove along with it.

From Dani herself about her song ‘Vertigo’, “Love; the cure for loneliness desire and attachment. You see it in movies, romance novels, plays…lovers find each other and then are left to expect the story ends happily ever after. The problem is; no one sees the aftermath… infidelity, boredom, daily monotony, loss of excitement… these are all unanticipated painful outcomes that are a heavy possibility. These odds aren’t looking so great as the divorce rate hits around 50% in North America. BUT still, with the statistics and the odds against us, we still have this strong passionate longing desire when we meet someone. They fulfil us emotionally, intellectually, and physically. We feel like we have a purpose, a reason to live, a fullness which leaves us like addicts trying to get our next fix. In a song like Vertigo, I really wanted to explain this feeling of ‘FALLING’ in love… or ‘FALLING’ from love. It’s always a gamble but the high is profound and powerful.”

This is a guest post by Chad Pearen who blogs at Chad Pearen: A Day In The Life Of… If you would like to write an article for our blog, please contact Nicole at othersidereviews@gmail.com.

Images courtesy of Dani Le Rose. - Guest Blogger

"Galore Magazine"

Dec 13, 2016 @ 12:00 pm By Angie Piccirillo

We’ve all had those toxic people in our lives that make us want to run to the local crystal shop, buy a shit ton of sage and clear that negativity right off of us.

Artist and singer DANI knows that feeling all too well, and wrote an epic synthy slow jam. She says it’s meant to portray “the feeling of wanting to make excuses for someone who you are aware, deep down, is influencing your life in a negative way.”

The problem lies in the fact that sometimes these people have a way of reeling us in.

“Every so often you will get this glimpse of beauty from them and you just want to feel and relive that moment again,” DANI says. “That feeling of wanting to be close to someone because of the person they turn you into, and when that magic happens, the world around you doesn’t matter. It’s almost drug like.”

In her new video for her single, “Cruel,” DANI makes black and white epic artsy magic — from slow motion underwater beauty, to double exposure modern contemporary dance, the video is a beautiful seemingly french-noir influenced piece with a slow-jam dance track as it’s chill vibe-inducing soundtrack. This is one you’ll def have on repeat.

Check out the vid below, and give DANI a follow on the socials. - Angie Piccirillo


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