Danilo Moraes e os Criados Mudos

Danilo Moraes e os Criados Mudos

 São Paulo, São Paulo, BRA

Danilo Moraes is a Brazilian musician who writes beautiful songs. He has received many prizes and awards in the recent years, but he's remarkably known for his groovy, captivating music. He's the lead singer of his "Danilo Moraes e os Criados Mudos" band.


Danilo Moraes e os Criados Mudos

Danilo Moraes is composer, singer and guitar player from São Paulo, Brazil. From an early age Danilo his lived music; his father is well-know for his work at the 80's avant-garde band "Premê" and Danilo has since performed with many renowned artists such as Chico César, Miriam Maria, CéU, Ceumar, and others.

In 2011 Danilo released his second solo album "Danilo Moraes e os Criados Mudos" including 12 news songs he wrote with partners such as Céu, Zeca Baleiro, Chico César and other young songwriters from Brazil. The result is a groovy and elaborate display of Brazilian influences applied to very beautiful songs.

Danilo's music has been praised before: his first solo CD was released in 2003 and received enthusiastic reviews by critics in Brazil. In 2004 he moved from his home in Brazil to France, where he performed in Paris and in other cities around Europe. While in France, Danilo recorded 51, a partnership with Ricardo Teté. The CD was released only in the French market and included Contabilidade, a song that one year later was awarded the 1st Prize on the Cultura TV Music Festival. The song was chosen by the jury for better representing the new music of Brazil. They received the prize from the hands of Gilberto Gil, Brazilian music legend and Minister of Culture.

In 2006, Danilo's talent as a composer was recognized on its highest level when he finished the Visa Prize of Brazilian Music in 2nd place

Danilo Moraes – vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, tenor guitar
Guilherme Kastrup – drums, percussion and sampler
Zé Nigro – bass and keyboard


2003 - Danilo Moraes - Scubidu Records
2005 - 51 (with Ricardo Teté) - Madioko
2007 - A Torcida Grita (with Ricardo Teté) - Scubidu Records
2011 - Danilo Moraes e os Criados Mudos - Scubidu Records

Set List

1. Criado Mudo
2. Na Volta do Pari
3. Mulambento
4. Acordo Cedo
5. Suprema Flor
6. Ledo Engano
7. Ponto de Vista
8. No Cume da Lapa
9. Mais Um Lamento
10. Zinco
11. Virtual
12. Lá Vai o Poeta