danitza galvan

danitza galvan


folk/rock/pop/acoustic in Spanish


Danitza Galvan is a Peruvian singer songwriter with influences from pop/folk American to Afro-peruvian and afro-cuban. She has performed her originals in various venues as a hobbie all her life, always honing her craft, and is now ready for more exposure as a songwriter. Her blend of music is unique.


Con sus Ojos(Borrow his Wings)

Written By: Danitza Galvan

Borrow his Wings (Con sus Ojos)

Verse 1
With the smallest little steps look how far he travels
Snowy mountain, deepest valley, lunar crater, tallest tower
And back in time for supper

His daydreams all have wings
And beneath them a lifting wind

I want to look through his eyes and see his world
I want to look through his eyes and see
I want to borrow his wings and fly with him
I want to borrow his wings and fly

Verse 2
There’s a pirate in my kitchen
And a dragon in the yard
Here’s my hero with his pillow
And with the arrow to my heart

Two pools of honey are his eyes
Like drops of candy they’re butterscotch

I want to look through those eyes and see his world
I want to look through his eyes and see

There are those who live their lives and walk around like the rest of us
But without ever stepping down from heaven
And how do you dwell
Where the eagle will dwell
Unless you can fly
As well

I want to borrow his wings and fly with him
I want to look through his eyes and see

The walls that surround him are made of sand
And here comes the tide

ÓWords and music by Danitza Galvan


Written By: Danitza Galvan

Sung in Spanish: Translation
Sueltate (Let Yourself Go)


Ella anda en abrigo, sandalias en los demas
(She’s always wearing a coat, in sandals everyone else)
Paraguas para la lluvia, que en dias no cae mas
(Umbrella for all the rain, that hasn’t fallen for days)
Como quel frio nunca la deja y hacia arriba ella nunca mira
(As if the cold never quite leaves her, as if she never raises her head up)
Tan solo la quiero ayudar
(I just want to give her a hand)
Yo le digo
(And so I tell her)
(Let yourself go)
Porque la rosa que pronto que se marchitara
(Because how quickly the rose wilts away)
Porque el momento de gozar que pronto que se va
(Because the time to rejoice how quickly passes by)
No lo hagas como lo hize yo
(Don’t do like I did)
Aveces heridas se cierran sin que se puedan curar
(There’s times when wounds may close without having been healed)
Aveces se pierde el deseo para volver a empezar
(There’s times when you lose the desire to start all over again)
Cuando la veo es como un espejo, es mi sangre es mi propio reflejo
(When I see her she’s like a mirror, she’s my blood she’s my own reflection)
Tan solo la quiero ayudar
(I just want to give her a hand)

Si yo podria a ella le daria
(If I could to her I’d give)
El conocimiento de una vida larga
(The wisdom of a longer life)
Que ella no cometa, la falta, la falta la falta que fue mia
(So that she not make the mistake the mistake the mistake that was mine)
Porque no existe algun ensayo solo ejecucion
(Because there is no rehearsal and no curtain call)
Empieza a vivir
(Begin to live)
Yo le digo yo le digo…
(And I tell her and I tell her…)

Ólyrics Danitza Galvan

Yo Sere

Written By: Danitza Galvan

Yo Sere(I will be) Lyrics and translation(in parenthesis)

No soy el unico pez en tu oceano, pero yo si sere la unica isla

(I’m not the only fish in your sea, but I will be the only island)

No soy tan solo una concha en tu arena, pero yo si sere la unica perla

(I’m not the only shell on your beach but I will be the only pearl)

Porque yo aqui estare cuando el resto la marea arrastrara

(because here I will be long after the tide washes the rest away)

Ni la fuerza de la luna es capaz de separarme a mi de ti

(not even the force of the moon can drag me away from you)

Cuando la noche este tan obscura que a nadie tu puedas encontrar

(when the night is so black you can find no one)

Yo sere la antorcha a iluminar tu sendero todo eso yo sere

(I will be the torch to shine your way, all of that I will be).

No soy la unica flor en tu jardin pero yo si sere el unico arbol

(I’m not the only flower in your garden but I will be the only tree)

No soy la unica estrella en tu cielo pero yo si sere el unico sol

(I’m not the only star in your sky but I will be the only sun)

Same as above

..todo eso..yo sere
(…all of that.. I will be)

Ólyrics and translation by Danitza Galvan

En Lima

Written By: danitza galvan

En Lima(In Lima) Lyricas and translation(In parenthesis)

Verse 1
Cuando yo pienso en Lima

(When I think of Lima)

La veo cuando llora cuando ella esta vestida en gris y en llovizna

(I see her when she weeps, when she is dressed in gray and in misty rain)

Y veo su sonrisa cuando el sol va desatando ese manto

(And I see her when she smiles as the sun starts to undo the heavy mantel)

Y la ciudad de flores brilla tanto

(and the city of flowers shines so bright)

Soy de Lima yo aunque alla no estoy

(From Lima I am although not there)

Fue el destino quien me trajo

(destiny it was that brought me)

Soy de Lima yo aunque alla no estoy
Y es en Lima que mi alma se quedo

(And it is in Lima that my heart remained)

Verse 2
La risa de mi padre marca ya la tarde

(my father’s laughter, tells me he is home)

Y el rey y su princesa van al chifa de la esquina

(And the king and his princess got to the “chifa” around the corner)

Mi parque es la corona de alto cerro descendiendo hasta el mar y ah!

(My park is the crown of high hill that descends to the ocean and ah)

Esa es Lima cuando Lima era mia

(that is Lima, when Lima was mine)


El panuelo de su danza como una paloma blanca 2x

(The handkerchief of its dance, like a white dove)

Que hasta ahora me levanta

(That even now lifts my spirit)

Same as above and out

ÓWords and music Danitza Galvan


Her songs, Con Sus Ojos, and Hechizo de Brujo, have gotten airplay on KKCR ,a local public radio station.

Set List

Originals and some traditional afro-peruvian afro-cuban songs. All sung in Spanish.