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Tórshavn, Streymoy, Faroe Islands | INDIE

Tórshavn, Streymoy, Faroe Islands | INDIE
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This band hasn't logged any past gigs



"Dánjal Press release 2012"

...Storytelling soaked in Whiskey... - Math Records

"Dánjal Press release 2012"

follow the link to see the press release - Math Records

"Nordklang Festival"

... the faroeese artist, with his exceptional voice, the best on the whole festival, has a fascinating mixture of folk, tango and Balkan…
- St. Galler Tagblatt. MICHAEL HASLER


Dánjal was, and is, in very good form as an entertainer, singer and musician. The experience was excellent and very inspiring. He started of incredibly intensely and beautifully, and kept it throughout the whole concert. More of this, thank you! - Petur Pólson


”...Mindblowing debutalbum. Whether it's the rum splashing sailor songs, the faroese folktales, the metropolic melancholy of the jazz or the roaring power of the balkan rythyns, Dánjal manages to get the needles in compass to point towards the same dancefloor...”

- Mikkel Fyhn


...the total personal debutalbum... Dánjal sings and writes with the same eagerness about love, timetravels and meetings with the devil

(****) 4 of 5

- Alexander Agrell


”...With musicians picked from all over Scandinavia Dánjal creates a unique musical univers and an extraordinary convincing debut!”

(****) 4 of 6

- Erik Barkmann


”...a very very good album. It's exiting, interesting, breathtaking and filled with content and variation - everything at the same time...”

(*****) 5 of 6

- Sunnevá Eysturstein

"G! Festival"

Dánjal is a masterful storyteller… the rhythms were so engrossing that the audience instinctively began tapping their feet and clapping their hands as both music and words moved through them.
- Jón Tyril


...it is undeniably pleasing and life-affirming - and with ‘The Palace’ Dánjal grabs his seat at the high table for Balkan inspired Scandinavian artists. - Peter Krogholm


Songs with endless energy combined with peaceful string quartets, Balkan horns, quite piano cool ballad-duets - there is everything. I’m blown away! It is so good, that words are not enough. Don't miss Dánjal - Ulf Torstensson


Tangz 1999
Prix Foroyar 1999
Prix Foroyar 2001
Avintyraferdin 2004
Rokur 2005
Avintyraferdin 2005
Avintyraferdin 2006
Avintyraferdin 2007
Avintyraferdin 2010
Dánjal - The Palace 2008
Dánjal - The Bubble 2012

All CD have radio airplay



The man behind the band ”Dánjal” is the Faroese singer and performer Danjal á Neystabø.
Dánjal comes from a family with a long range of politicians: his mother has been one of the leading political figures on the Faroe Islands the last two decades, currently as cultural minister, her father was the prime minister and his father has the prime minister. Although Dánjal doesn’t use his voice to praise our political system, y ou could fairly say that his political engagment comes naturally. Through provoking and touching stories he often expresses an ironical distance to the western narrow minded view on the world.

Dánjals music beautifully reflects his career that has taken him far and wide in a variety of music genres. He’s lived everywhere from Africa to Sweden, USA to Russia and off course in the homeland, the Faroe Islands. Rock with roots in Balkan and Tango. Visual melancholic music with roots in the Faroese landscape.

Besides from being a musician Dánjal á Neystabø has a long background in the theatre, both as an actor, composer and a writer. The last couple of years he has written manuscripts and music to a range of very popular children plays. In connection to this, he has released 6 CD’s and written one book, which won a literature prize in 2009.
This interactive unique music theatre concept has really become popular in the Faroe Islands, and the songs have been hitting the charts regularly.

For the band “Dánjal”, Dánjal á Neystabø has gathered his talented musicians from the distant corners of the North: Denmark, Sweden, Finland and The Faroe Islands. These different backgrounds blend beautifully into the diverse compositions.
Since the band was formed 4 years ago, they have been very active. They have been playing a lot in Scandinavia, where they have been met with great enthusiasm. The last two years they have also played a lot in Germany where the enthusiasm has been no less.

The newest Dánjal album, The Bubble, was released in Europe February 1 2012
It's following Dánjal’s praised and Danish Music Award nominated debut album, The Palace.
Labels are: The Faroese TUTL records, the Danish Math Records and the German Peregrina Music.

“The Bubble” expresses the fact that we, more than ever, live in bubbles. Many of the values we used to build our existence upon now float around in a vacuum of randomness. Becoming more and more alienated from each other, we’re floating around in separate bubbles without a superior purpose, like for example a God or anything else reaching beyond our individual needs.

On “The Bubble” Dánjal presents us for his own little bubble and his own search for a greater purpose.

The album is composed as one piece in two parts. Inspired by the LP tradition where the two sides often had different character, Dánjal has chosen to make the two parts of “The Bubble” different from each other.

In connection with the release of the new album, Dánjal has and will be touring a lot in 2012.
For more info about touring in 2012 look at the website: www.danjal.net