Dan Jeter

Dan Jeter


I'm a singer/songwriter who plays acoustic guitar and likes to play classic rock and blues as well as original music. Influences include Neil Young, Gregg Allman, Jimi Hendrix, and Miles Davis. I live in South Texas in the Rio Grande Valley, a nice place to live, but a little remote.


I'm 49 yrs old with a steady day job. Music has always been paramount in my life. I was a band geek in public school but always had a gig (as a drummer/vocalist) with various rock bands going on the side. Got a music degree and I teach full-time. Acoustic guitar has always been there for me. Nothing like playing and singing a song you like. And its even better when other people like it too. I like to write and re-arrange classic tunes.


Slow Trains

Written By: Dan Jeter

Funny how words will fail ya
And you wonder why you try
I gotta tell ya about a lady
And how she changed my mind

You've heard all the love songs
You're wondering when and where
Just when you think there's no one
She'll be standing there

She likes the slow trains
Small-town ferris wheels
She doesn't like anything
That doesn't make her feel

She likes slowing down on Sundays
Long lazy afternoons
And it ain't about money
So don't you promise that girl
the moon