dank454 pulls from many different flavors in their music. Alternative, pop rock is an awesome part of their arsenal. Music has always been about freedom, and in IL. we have learned from the best. We’re never afraid to go 50 different places as artist’s, and that let’s us know that music has no end


In rock and roll, a lot can happen in a short time. For Dank454, one of the biggest and most promising new rock bands in Chicago, that's especially true. Just a few years ago, shortly after forming, they were second-guessing themselves, questioning their destiny. Now, following their new CD which feature the singles “GAG” and Dead to your self” they are currently EXPLODING all over the USA! The album made to do just that is expected to do very well produced by Dank454. It's a leap beyond expected!



Written By: DANK454

Focus now and tell me are you ready for my words to sink in.
It’s not the time for you to wait
This time its you, I’m not changing my ways. Not my life for your face. I get my way.
I’ve stoned my mind to understand your views your thoughts are lost its now time
For me to choose. Just look at me tell me wouldn’t it be nice to live your life outside of
Hear the whispers of the shadows.
Do you think there sane?
Now’s the time for you to wait.
It’s the start of man, the plan, the scam, the band, and the hand that holds my head in place
to keep me never looking back again. Words that were said. Never meant a thing.
I turned their heads ignoring everything and words that were said.

copyright 2004

Dead to yourself

Written By: Dank454

You were a light for me. A standing beacon when none could see.
A place to slip into and to lose myself, from the rest.
You gave into the affections that I’ll bring. Dimming out the light
you used to breathe. And now you’ve become like everybody else,
so cold and so dead to yourself.
Envisioning blacks and grays, when standing cold and afraid.
Should I yield, should I pray, or maybe now it’s to late.
Being pulled into my disease of unbelief , what can I do
to get myself committed to what I’ve said.
Positioning on my grave, the words you spoke on that day.
Life is real, death is fair, so move yourself out the way.
With a mind prone to stray, I’ve found your faith all decayed.
And when I looked beyond my eyes I’ve seen that mines for real.
Torn between my, sheets of integrity. Where are my lies.
Are they near the truth, will it help me breathe, follow me follow me,
into the prophecies. Creeping from behind cemetery lines, reset the birth of
To touch your lips with my breath, would leave me scarred with regret.
Can you feel just a brush, or does a fist need to touch. With a bond, that’s
been frayed, we cast our eyes separate ways. So who’s to blame for love when
lust is all that’s been concealed.
And now it’s all those, endless thoughts and endless plots that kept this thing
together, but it wasn’t my fault, And now it’s, not me the one to lean your head on,
not me the one to put your trust in, not me the one to keep the pressure thin. I’m
not the same now since when we began, And now it’s not me it’s over now again.
Not me, I’ve seen the light through this life of sin.
You tore my soul but could never fit that hole, with all the things you said and did
to try to keep control. REPEAT.


Candy Apple

Written By: Dank454

I’ve wept inside the beast that bears the candy apple of my.
So who’s to blame for lifeless ness when the root pours out demise.
I’ve tried to look beyond myself, just to paint the world unknown.
But the consequences kept in me have forced my eyes to stare below.
Embraced by thought of righteousness, you know my world won’t let it be.
Since the morals that were born in me now are never ever seen.
The after thoughts and disregards have left those voids that can’t be filled.
And know my life is just a stepping stone for those who need something to build.
To build
I’ve traveled past the circumstance and I pulled the inner out to dry.
And now to gaze upon myself there’s nothing else inside for me to hide.
To pride my life and say it’s right is a wishing well that’s not been drilled.
I’ll pay the price , the sacrifice is the burning remnants of my will.
So take advantage of the mind, of a child that’s yet unseen.
It’s not my world not my choice, but a thing that’s left itself apart of me.
Verse 3-Same as first
Losing my mind, trying to find, which way I’m falling 3x Down

Copyright 2004


They currently have a cd sampler out with 3 songs
With their first album to be completed this Fall 2004.

Set List

CANDY APPLE, INDECENT complete an awsome 45 minute set!