Dan Kauffman

Dan Kauffman


Dan Kauffman blends singer/songwriter sensibilities with a dynamic presentation to produce a widely accessible but musically challenging listening experience. With a variety of styles and a keen ear for nuance, this debut record is about defining the endless possibilities of music.


After returning from the Pacific Northwest in 2003, Dan Kauffman settled in Philadelphia to continue his musical journey that started over 15 years ago. Starting out as a soloist playing cover songs in the local bars and restaurants, Dan has joined forces with the Educated Mess to develop an original sound that would appeal to the masses yet challenge the notion of popular music. Upon hearing a rendition of James Taylor's "Country Road", former Philadelphia 76er Charles Barkley remarked that Dan is his "brother from another mother" No joke...


The Educated Mess-EP
A Human Condition-Full length

Available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Dankauffmanband.com

Set List

Our setlists vary on the show. Dozens of original songs and 100's of covers. Classic rock, Funk, One-hit-wonders, 80's hits and misses, TV show themes, Epics. We play as long as 4 hours at times for parties, weddings, or clubs that let us play all night. Self-sufficient, pro-PA, lights, solo acoustic to 5-piece band.