Dan Kern

Dan Kern


Solo Artist with lyric driven original material. The sound is consistently folk/pop with accessible lyrics and hooks. The song writing ranges from top 40 to eclectic, and each song stands alone as a unique work. You never find yourself saying "All his stuff sounds the same".


Dan Kern is currently living in Long Beach, California. He grew up in the Greater New Orleans area, and his family still resides there Post-Katrina.

Dan's live performances consistently generate a 'WOW' from every audience member. He is arresting. One performance and you are hooked.


Feet in the Snow

Written By: Dan Kern

Free me. I am chained to something that I cannot know.
Free me. Life is flying by, but prison time is slow.

I'm tired of shoe-gazers watching the whole world pass you by as if you're something new.

I want to climb with you up the mountain. I want to hold your hand with the sun on our faces, our feet in the snow. And when we come down the sun will set, and we'll share our love with the city lighting up below.

Free me. Oh, you would if you could free yourself.
Free me. You should know by now I don't want no one else.


Written By: Dan Kern

Hurry, get that body in the ground.
Hurry, get that body in the ground.
Hurry, 'fore them dogs come around.

Hurry, get that preacher in the yard.
Hurry, get that preacher in the yard.
Hurry, mourners in the rain and mud.

Raise a glass to our friend, we may never see her again. She's wearing wings or keeping our seat warm.
Glory Glory to the Lord

Hurry, get them words upon the stone.
Hurry, get them words upon the stone.
Hurry, time to get these people home.

Come on Through

Written By: Dan Kern

I said Hey! I wanna be your king! You're falling down? Well, I got just the thing. Might cost you a penny, might not cost a dime. Not today? No skin off my chin, some other time.

There ain't no way to control others, and your life's to be revered. Grin honest smiles and cry honest tears. Let mercy be your right hand in the face of mortal fear. Don't forget to taste with your eyes and smell with your ears.

No human soul can halt you from being what you would. If you don't feel that you know nothing, don't you feel you should? All is good around you because all that is is good.

Ahhhooooh! Come on through! (3x)
Maybe all you needed was somebody to show you how.

Happiness is the love that you give.
Death doesn't matter, we were chosen to live!
(Repeat several times improvising and building to a climax before returning to the chorus)


Dan has recorded about 25 tracks over the course of 2 CDs, with a new CD in the works!

Set List

Dan's set generally consists of a mix of originals and off-beat but recognizable cover songs that keep the audience on it's toes...

Typical Covers include:
With or Without You
I am a Rock
Bizarre Love Triangle
Seven Bridges Road
Closer to fine
Sample in a Jar
Don't let me down
Mamma Tried
Oh, Marie