Dan Korn

Dan Korn

 London, England, GBR

The new Poet of London Town.
Song writer Dan Korn's guitar led folk, weaves enchanting melodies around exquisitely crafted lyrics. "A wordsmith who can actually write music to compliment, wrap, strengthen and lengthen the reach of his words. A rare beast." - Unpeeled


Dan Korn takes influence from the likes of Lou Reed, Dylan, Ray Davies, Syd Barrett, CW Stoneking, Beirut, Thom Yorke and Laura Marling. Having wasted his education on poetry and love, Dan Korn picked up a guitar and began to sing. The songs that came forth were of a calibre seldom heard. It won’t be long until he is known as England’s finest new songwriter.
After a childhood writing poetry and prose in a provincial town, Dan Korn fell under the influence of the Delta Blues, Bob Dylan and Syd Barrett. He came of age, taught himself guitar and dropped out..


Dustbowl EP 2010

Set List

Into The Warm Song For Syd Laurel Dustbowl Woeful Blunder Artificial High Lost Love Shanty Like A Dove