Dan Lethbridge

Dan Lethbridge


Dan Lethbridge plays a unique yet familiar brand of country folk that has seen him enliven fans at a variety of shows across the country, and indeed the world. His debut album 'Dreamers Of The World Unite' showcases his unique take on both music and the world.


Born in country Queensland, Dan Lethbridge started playing music in Brisbane before moving to Melbourne in 2004. He arrived with a three piece band that unfortunately was to come to an end sooner than anyone had planned. Dan then became a solo singer/songwriter and has not looked back since.

Dan's sound has drawn comparisons with Wilco and Neil Young, amongst others, yet his songs reflect a range of musical influences. Perhaps the years spent in wide open places, both home and abroad, have left a stark feeling of space and longing to his music. His lyrics, while often dark and personal, can also provide an uplifting experience for the listener.

The last two years have been busy for Dan, seeing him perform at venues throughout Australia. He has rapidly carved out a niche in the independent Melbourne music scene, landing both support and headlining slots at venues such as Manchester Lane, The East Brunswick Club, The Evelyn and the Espy.

This period of hard work resulted in the recording of 'Dreamers Of The World Unite', Dan’s lush debut album. A labour of love, it features some of Melbourne’s finest musicians. Not content with an acoustic guitar and vocals, Dreamers Of The World Unite brings a full band sound to Dan’s songs for the first time. The results are mesmerising, with drums, guitars, lap steel, piano, wurlitzer and violin all combining to great effect. Dreamers Of The World Unite is an album of timeless song writing and musicianship that instantly makes its impression on the listener. He officially launched Dreamers Of The World Unite in March 2008.

Having completed a number of East Coast tours (with the likes of Mick Hart and Young Werther) Dan recently returned from a successful trip to the United States, where he played shows in New York for the first time. Dan now shares the stage with The Campaigners, his new five-piece line up of crack Melbourne musicians who bring his songs in to full colour.

Currently receiving warm praise, support and airplay from ABC radio, 3RRR, 4ZZZ and PBS for Dreamers Of The World Unite, Dan hopes to release his second full length album in 2009.


'Dreamers Of The World Unite'
To hear tracks from this album head to www.myspace.com/danlethbridge
'Dreamers Of The World Unite' is available at www.bigozmusic.com