Dan Loomis Quartet

Dan Loomis Quartet


Following the release of their second album, I Love Paris, the DLQ is rising to national prominence. Using two saxophones, bass and drums, this chordless quartet explores new sonic terrain in their characteristically groove-based, soulful context. "..one of the top new jazz releases of 2007" - AMG


This quartet is an ensemble composed of two saxophones balanced against acoustic bass and drums. This choice of instrumentation was inspired by the particular sound of two saxophones in harmony. More than that, it was inspired by the exceptionally soulful sound of these two particular saxophonists in harmony. The space within this instrumentation allows the harmony between the two saxophonists to feature prominently in the group’s sound. It also allows for exceptionally beautiful counterpoint to occur, a texture not often heard in improvised jazz. The result is an exciting, ever-interesting, and multilayered texture over the consistent groove of a driving rhythm section.

This quartet is essentially a group effort and not a feature for any one person. But at the same time, the group draws strength from the quality of it individual voices. Each member of the group is an incredible musician in their own right. In fact, all the members of the group also lead their own bands, which they compose and arrange for. Although most of the music for the group is written and organized by Dan, the quartet’s performances are synergistic experiences characterized by the strength of each individual’s contribution.

The quartet formed while the members were students at the Eastman School of Music. Coming from diverse musical backgrounds, Jared, Dan, Brian and Nathan found a common ground in the groove-oriented sounds of the quartet. Their differences, rather than dividing or impeding them, added an intensity and forward motion to their collaboration. After performing together for a year, they went into the studio to record their first album, Tondos.

Since relocating to New York City in 2004, the group has raised many eyebrows on the jazz scene. In performances throughout the New York City and in tours throuhgout the US, they have consistently impressed audiences with their fresh and powerful sound. In fact, even the US government got wind of the quartet! In their recent nationwide search for 6 experienced quartets to send abroad to represent US culture, the DLQ was selected as first alternate.

Their second album, I Love Paris, was released this spring to wide critiical acclaim. Scott Yanow of All Music Guide says, "This dynamic set is one of the top new jazz releases of 2007." The DLQ will be back the road this fall in support of this album. Look for them in a jazz club near you!


'Tondos', Doomis Productions - 2005
'I Love Paris', Jazz Excursion Records - 2007

I Love Paris availble at your local Borders, Barnes & Noble and I-tunes. You can also hear it on your local jazz radio station nation-wide. Or dial it up online at www.jazzexcursion.com

Set List

I Love Paris
For Harry Carney
Dear Lord