Dan Macaulay

Dan Macaulay


Dan Macaulay is a modern worship leader and composer from Hamilton, Ontario, whose singable, infectious songs are quickly being discovered and spread around the globe! Dan’s honest, intimate and passionate leading will bless and draw you into the presence of the Lord - whether in person or on CD!



• Winner of two 2007 Shai Awards!! (Canada's People's Choice Gospel Music Awards)
* 2007 Worship Album of the Year
* 2007 Male Soloist of the Year!

• Has shared the stage with Christian greats; opening for artists like Brian Doerksen, Darrell Evans, Avalon, Geoff Moore and Kevin Max (of DC Talk)!

• Performed on "TCT Alive" on the Total Christian Television Network, broadcast to over 170 countries and over 130 million homes around the globe!

• Performed LIVE on Canada's nationally broadcast "100 Huntley Street" based in Burlington, ON. several times as well as Canada's "The Miracle Channel" based in Lethrbridge AB.

• Performed at the AIR CANADA CENTER in Toronto, ON following an NBA Toronto Raptors / Detroit Pistons Game March 2006!

• Released Captured Again in October 2004 to the rave reviews of worshippers everywhere. Captured Again is nationally distributed (in Canada) by CMC.

• You Make Me, the 1st radio single from Captured Again, charted at ..1 on More Radios AC CANCON chart in April 2005 and the 2nd single, Your Love landed at ..2 on the same chart in August. The 3rd single, Open Sky was ..1 in December and spent 4 months in the top 5

• Dans song Open Sky was selected among thousands of submissions to be a part of CMCs Sea to Sea I See The Cross 2 disc collection of the best Canadian Worship songs. Available in Canada now.

• His original worship songs, particularly Amazing have been recorded numerous times by other artists around the world.

• As one of Canada’s top 5 World Vision Artist Associates Dan continues to be a part of seeing many children sponsored at his concerts.

• Travels extensively in Canada and the U.S. full time; with over 160 performances in 2006 leading worship experiences in churches, youth conventions, camps and retreats as well as concerts and many other events.

• Attended Eastern Pentecostal Bible College (now Masters College & Seminary) in Peterborough ON for 4 years as a Youth Ministries Major.


For over a decade, Dan Macaulay has been leading worship experiences across Canada and the United States. His original songs are making their way across the globe – through worship leaders who have been moved by his music and add it to their play lists as well as being recorded by other artists equally impressed with Dan’s honest and singable worship style. Every week in live meetings, through Christian radio, and by word of mouth, more and more people are taking notice of this emerging modern worship leader. When you hear Dan you’ll know why.

Dan’s transparency comes through on every track. Listening to the CD, you’ll think you’ve interrupted a passionate and personal moment between Dan and God - but you are not interrupting, you’re invited. You are drawn in and made welcome by the simple melodies, pop hooks and fresh lyrics. You are disarmed because he finds a way to express what you’ve always wanted to say to God but haven’t quite been able to put into words and you will find yourself empowered to worship honestly, openly and passionately before God. If you stop to take a look around you at one of Dan’s live shows, you’ll find you’re not alone!

This first full worship CD is something many would say is long overdue. Dan’s four years of Bible College and four years as a full time youth and worship pastor has brought experience and depth to his music. As you listen you’ll be glad he waited. The intensity and honesty of his songs will resonate with you and pull you closer to God. You’ll be handed just the right words to communicate how you feel and compelled to sing along. You’ll be released, convicted, uplifted and moved. But be careful! His music is infectious. When you’re done listening, chances are you’ll walk away humming one of the tunes for days to come.


Captured Again

Written By: Dan Macaulay


My Mind keeps wandering Lord
To other things I adore
Come again and capture me
My life’s pursuits can all be
So often centered on me
Let my first love burn

In my heart
There’s a longing for
the glory of the Lord
Here I am
Lifted hands
Lord I’m walking through the door

I want to stand in Your presence
In all of Your glory
And worship at Your feet
And as I lay down my idols
And reach out for You
I am free
I am free
And You come with mercies from heaven
Like I’ve never dreamed of
And shower me with grace
And as the earth fades away
I am captured again
In Your face
Lord, In your face

© 2002 Dan Macaulay


Written By: Dan Macaulay


We come to worship You
For how could we forget
All that you’ve done
With just one glimpse of You
Our hearts would be laid bare
And we’d be undone

Then You walk
In the room
And the darkness is consumed
Hear the roar
Of the saints
As we adore
And give You praise
And each one in turn
Falls on their face
Before the Holy King of Grace
And all our distractions melt away

And every word
Escapes my reach
(but) Holy, Holy

Lord, we honor, Lord we honor You

© 2003 Dan Macaulay

Our Offering

Written By: Dan Macaulay

Our Offering

There is nowhere to hide our thoughts from You
Not a wall that Your light can’t shine right through
Lord you know our hearts
You see everything

Let the songs that we sing be more than words
Let our worship be seen and not just heard
Lord we love You
And we want to honor You

Let our sacrifices be
More than Just what come for free
So we’ll approach You on our knees in…

And repentance
And humility
Let our hearts be set free
To adore You
In abandon
And obedience
This is our offering to You

© 2004 Dan Macaulay


Captured Again is Dan's first full length CD.
(previously a 5 song demo CD was in circulation)

4 songs from This CD are hitting the Christian Radio airwaves in Canada: 'You Make Me', 'Your Love', 'Open Sky' and 'Today'

The first 3 singles having been receiving large amounts of airplay across Canada since their release. Dan has quickly earned a great track record with radio eating up his singles right away. With , "You Make Me" charting at #1 in April 05, "Your Love" at #2 in August 05 and "Open Sky" at #1 in December 05 on the "More Radio" AC CANCON charts Dan has carved-out a place for himself on the Canadian airwaves! The fourth single, "Today" will begin impacting radio APRIL 2006!

Beginning October 18th of 2005 'Open Sky' will also be featured on CMC's worship compilation CD: "Sea to Sea I See The Cross" - the second volume of this highly successful series showcasing the very best in Candian Modern Worship.


Refocusing on Jesus puts all of life back in its proper perspective. According to Dan Macaulay, that’s what it is all about.

Dan’s debut CD, “Captured Again” is all about pulling ourselves away from worldly distractions and focusing on Jesus and Dan Macaulay accomplishes just that in his first full length worship album. With his unique style of fresh, yet familiar, “hooky” pop Dan’s honest and infectious songs capture the listener’s heart and helps bring them into the presence of God.

In May of 2004, when Dan began preparations to record this album, he discussed the songs that would be a part of the project with producers Ken Vandevrie and Paul Scibetta. It became clear to all of them that this album had to be called “Captured Again”, because this title track summed up the entire CD.

Dan says, “I think a worship experience is about pulling ourselves away from the distractions that fill our time and thoughts, and refocusing on Jesus - our first love. When we do that, suddenly we are amazed once again at how awesome He is; everything else fades in importance and life is put back in its proper perspective. The things of earth grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. All of our obsessions are revealed to be garbage compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ.”

This decision to worship God with all of our being and leave our idols and obsessions at the door is a dominant theme throughout the CD and as such, Dan felt it was important to convey this through the CD cover.

He explains, “When I came across the picture of the guy in the suit with the briefcase in front of the lit doorway, I knew it was the front cover. It just reflected the entire sentiment and theme of the album, especially the title track ‘Captured Again’. The reason I like this guy is because he’s busy. He’s got possessions or work in his hand; still he’s very intrigued by the thought of what could be on the other side of that door. He knows there is more to life than everything he has. All he has to do is ‘lay down his idols and reach out,’ walk through the door of worship and into the presence of God. It would be life altering - IF he’ll do it. This guy represents all of us. The picture doesn’t answer the question of whether he’ll do it or not because that is the choice each of us has to make. That ball is in our court!”

Dan’s goal in creating this album was to give everyone an opportunity to be captured again by who Jesus is and wants to be in their lives. The songs are the soundtrack of Dan’s life as a God-Chaser and he hopes as you listen, they might somehow enrich your chase as well.

Set List

Dan can be completely flexible to the needs of the church or organization he serves and is able to do everything from a full concert of original material to a worship service of familiar, singable tunes with a few original choruses and special numbers mixed in.

Dan is also a World Vision Artist Associate, and if you are open to it, would love to offer the audience the opportunity to sponsor a child through World Vision. Many concerts Dan has done have had a "World Vision Focus" resulting in many children being sponsored and lives changed; but this is completely at your discretion.

Contact us for the details or your tailor-made show!