Dan Mckeown

Dan Mckeown



I sat down with my grandma and watched her play piano. That is my first memory of music. I started taking lessons at 10 and have played ever since. I joined bands on guitar through high school. I write songs because they help me solve problems, playing makes me happy, I love performing and meeting other bands. I love making music videos with my friends.


"All my friends I've never met- live on FM90.1 clover park technical college.

Set List

I often start my set with" storm in the brain" on piano. Then I talk with the crowd for 20 seconds. I then play "origins of the universe,"on acoustic guitar. Then I switch to my fender strat for "Noise off the basement wall." THen back to acoustic guitar for "ripe from the
fall." Then I play chopins
" Prelud in E minor", my only cover to date, on piano
Then I close the set with "all my friends." If the set is longer than 25 minutes, Then I play a brand new song for the close such as my new song "marriage in a four door."