Orange, California, USA

I'm a live mashup club dj. I try to introduce turntablism into dance music with my live performances. I like to play music for the crowd as if I was them. I bring a lot of energy to my performances as well as introduce new music to crowds in a way that is very digestible through my live mashups.


I like to dj, I like to party, I LOVE to DJ PARTIES!

I’m originally from Hacienda Heights, CA (LA County) but moved to Orange, CA (Orange County OC) I’m 27 years old. I’ve been inspired by turntablist artists such as A-trak, Craze, DJ Qbert, Mix Master Mike, Z-Trip and DJ AM. I am also inspired by nostalgia such as the 80s, old video games, one hit wonders, 90s, and disco music. My biggest inspiration would probably be the internet. If it wasn’t for the internet, none of us would probably be talking or meeting new people right now. I love internet memes and random funny or interesting videos. I usually post those on my site. I’ve told people that if I was to party, I’d party in the disco era 70s. I am a web designer and web developer during the day. I try to make my own album art as well as maintain my website dannahan.com.


Gotta Have the F@#&ING Music
Carmageddon: Escape From 405 Vol. 5
Vol. 4.5 Thirtyminuteminimix
Throw Some Ds on Hip-Hop Heaven
Sichael McOtt Vol. 4
Super Meat G6
March Madness Mixtape Vol. 3
White Oh / Red No
No Animal Hands
We R Who We Replicate
Kill Country Grammar
Finally Got This Money
ILLifornia Gurls
Air Conditioned Mixtape Vol. 2
Thuggish and Let Me Go
Whatcha Say We Hide and Seek?
guru lives forever
Flex Man
You're a Jerk in the Mirror
Da Funk Yeah
Sex Therapy Milkshake