Dan Navarro

Dan Navarro

 Los Angeles, California, USA

For 22 years, Dan Navarro was half of Lowen & Navarro. Now touring solo due to Eric Lowen's worsening ALS, Dan continues to deliver songs of a deep and rich experience in a rich well-worn baritone. His songs have been cut by artists as diverse as Pat Benatar ("We Belong"), Bangles and Dave Edmunds.


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Compass Point

Written By: Dan Navarro - Eric Lowen

Swallow your pride
Take things in stride
You never know what's going down
You play the game
The rules will change
And leave you lying on the ground

The road is never ending
My compass point is bending

The hours roll
Out of control
And there is nothing you can do
Answers will come
One by one by one
And all the rest is up to you

My cup is overflowing
I don't know where I'm going
The road is never ending
By compass point is bending

And I don't know what's in store
Just reality I tried so to ignore
I can't see beyond the door
But I have to push on through
Push on through

My cup is overflowing
I don't know where I'm going
The world is slowly spinnnig
No losing and no winning
The road is never ending
My compass point is bending

©2004 Jodada Music - Marion Place Music
Administered by Bug Music, Inc. (BMI)

If I Was The Rain

Written By: Eric Lowen - Dan Navarro - Charles John Quarto

If I was the rain
I'd polish every outbound train
I'd wash the teardrops from your eyes
So You could kiss the blues goodbye
If I was the rain
I'd answer all the farmers' prayers
Till green was growing everythwere
If I was the rain

I'd play the drums on every tin roof
From Shreveport to Baton Rouge
And let the songs make up themselves
The way the best ones always seem to do

If I was the rain
I'd have no to reason to explain
I'd fall between the fireflies
I'd never dampen any light
If I was the rain
I'd feed the rivers and the streams
And nourish every cowgirl's dreams
If I was the rain

I'd strike a chord into each heart
Wherever they were torn apart
And if that helped them heal themselves
Maybe we'd find out where forgiveness starts

If I was the rain
I'd choose forever to remain
I'd add a sparkle to the night
And marvel at the morning bright
If I was the rain
I'd bless each blossom to unfold
And turn each one of hem to gold
If I was the rain
If I was the rain
If I was the rain

©2004 Marion Place Music - Jodada Music (Administered by Bug Music, Inc.) /
Blue Blossom Music (BMI)


Dan Navarro with Stonehoney Live at McCabe's - Red Hen

Lowen & Navarro CDs
Walking On a Wire - Chameleon / 1990
Broken Moon - Mercury / 1993
Walking on a Wire - Mercury (re-release with bonus tracks) / 1994
Pendulum - Mercury / 1995
Live Wire - Red Hen / 1996
Scratch At The Door - Intersound / 1998
Live Radio - Red Hen / 2002
At Long Last...Christmas - Red Hen / 2002
All The Time In The World - Red Hen / 2004
Hogging The Covers - Red Hen / 2006
Learning To Fall - Red Hen / 2008

Set List

Headline - 90-120 mins / Opener - 20-40 mins / Co-head - 110 mins.

Let Her Ride
Compass Point
Constant As The Night
Cold Outside
I Think It's Time
I Don't Believe In Yesterday
Straight To The Heart Of Me
Raining In My Eyes
Walking On A Wire
Better Man
We Belong (encore)

Covers can include To Love Somebody (BeeGees), Tomorrow Is a Long Time (Dylan), Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones), It'll All Work Out (Tom Petty), The Way I Feel (Gordon Lightfoot) and several others. I released a covers album in 2006.