Danni Cassette

Danni Cassette

 Marietta, Georgia, USA

Crowds are either dead quiet in awe of "the audio" they receive, or on their feet, unsure of what to do with themselves. Whose voice, passion, style and diversity match Danni Cassette's? No one's. Learning five part harmonies as a child does kind of give you an edge!


Danni Cassette was born and raised in California, surrounded by music and tape machines. At age 3, she started singing using a Fisher Price tape player and microphone, given to her by her Grandmother as a gift. Her Grandfather noticed her talent and began teaching her how to harmonize while he played the piano. All of this was recorded using cassette tapes; thus Danni's special love for the cassette. In fact, as a child she was known for "stealing" the cassettes with the church's choir rehearsals, and recording herself over them.
Years later, Danni has found herself performing at events in Gainesville, Ocala, Orlando, Melbourne, Tampa, Jacksonville and Atlanta and had the honor of opening for B.Slade. After allowing the concept of "Analog" to brew, released her first EP "The Land of Tapehistry" on December 18th, 2011. This five track EP has soul, 50's jazz, punk and who-knows-what-to-label-it elements, all of album quality!
Her goal; bring a message of progression through Analog Living and Audio Giving.


Single: "Up So High" 2011
EP: "The Land of Tapehistry" 2011