Dannielle DeAndrea

Dannielle DeAndrea

 Burbank, California, USA

Dannielle's stunning vocal prowess and approach to melody, make for rich, soulful, pop compositions.............her voice makes me high... Garth Trinidad KCRW An exquisite & truthful interpretive artist. The woman's voice could quell riots and romance tyrants S'lovely CraigN.Pearce...


Dannielle DeAndrea is one of the world's true Supervoices. With a range and charisma to rival history's most celebrated singers, Dannielle's music and live shows are generating a genuine buzz on the international music scene.

As a result of their electric live performances in the US earlier this year, Dannielle and the Song and Dance Society were chosen to open the Santa Monica Pier Twilight Concert Series in July 2012 alongside Donovan Frankenreiter.

Since moving permanently to Hollywood from her hometown Sydney, Australia, Dannielle's music has gained airplay on US and South American college radio as well as influential LA radio station KCRW. Dannielle's live performances showcase music from her career- including her mainstream pop and dance music releases, as well as jazz standards and exquisite, heartbreaking originals. She has headlined shows in New York, Sydney, Singapore, London and Paris with plans for live shows and recording in Spain set for late 2012 with Grammy Award winning producer Helik Hadar.

Dannielle's voice makes up one third of the three-part harmony group The Songbirds (with Gaby Moreno and Erica Canales) whose self-titled debut EP was released internationally in 2012. The Songbirds latest release will see a US release courtesy of Elle Magazine and renowned fashion brand Miss Me nationwide.

As a songwriter, Dannielle's compositions have featured on hit TV shows including Pretty Little Liars, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Burn Notice and MTV's Real World.

The daughter of a dancer and a drummer, Dannielle began performing from a very young age. Dannielle was the first Australian artist to break into the UK soul chart with the release of three singles Do It For Love, Stuck In the Middle and Secret Love all released through Epic Records. Her music has been remixed by the likes of Joey Negro and Roger Sanchez and her vocals have appeared on releases by Sting, Kylie Minogue and the Pet Shop Boys. She has performed live with the likes of Jackson Browne, Joe Cocker, Tom Jones, Lulu and James Brown.

When visiting Australia, Dannielle tours and duets with legendary Australian singer (and Coldplay favourite) John Farnham with whom she had the hit duet Communication.


Blues For Fred

Written By: Dannielle DeAndrea

Now you're gone and so have I singing different parts to the lullaby. Where should we go now from here? 'Cos to me it's becoming clear. That it's over, it's gone for good. Are you happy now? Are you understood? How could we get it so wrong? Tell me where do I belong? 'Cos you see I thought it was with you but now I'm not sure. So many heartaches I gave you and you gave me yours. Oh please help me to grieve us but leave us alone. Goodbye my friend. Our lullaby has ended. Now I know how it sounds, between the two of us, we had common ground. OUr love has shown us the light to break free and do what is right. Am I willing to let you go? Find the truth again? Did you always know? How could you just walk away? Promising you'd always stay. You see I thought it was with you but now that I know. So many heartaches, you gave me, we put on that show. Oh please help me to grieve us but leave us alone. No lies my friend. Guess our lullaby has ended. How are you doing 'cos I'm not that great. And what if the choices we've made are mistakes? You were the only one and now it's too late. Goodbye my friend. I guess the lullaby has ended.


"you don't know me" Jazz Standards released through Sony/BMG Australia/New Zealand
"Chocolate For Holly" R&B/Chill
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"Be With Me" EP
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Leaving The Ozone
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