Danni Murphy

Danni Murphy

 Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, NZL

hey im danielle murphy or danni i am a solo light country/folk singer/songwriter who writes songs ands sings them to inspire others through hard times or my life experiences. i am 18 years old so not had much experience but done a few local gigs im doing a music diploma this year so love my music.


i am a solo singer/songwriter with the light country/folk style of music, music that the audience would sit in a cafe or be in a relaxed enviroment with, not too full on country but not pop either. my influences would take me back to what i grew up with from a baby. queen was a massive influence so was elvis, red hot chillipeppers, 50s and 60s music, abba, boney M, vengeboys, aqua, and the spice girls. the reason they all have is even though i dont sing any of their styles all through my childhood i was influenced with them as i was born in the 90s vegeboys, spice girls and aqua were my favourite groups as a 5 year old. and my mum brought me up on the others from the time i was born.all these groups encourged me to pursuit music and love and passionate bout music the way i feel 2day, i was influenced by them which gave me my love for music.
I am different to any other artist because i bring a different feel to music i want tot inspire people and i always write songs that have mesages and advice to help others in need.my music is different as i am passionate to have my music tell a story through song from past experiences and for me its the only way to express myself from my past and if i can help others at same time, its everything. also whats different bout me is my style is a soft relaxed more listening rather dancing style and my voice is different softer and girly, my songs and singing voice has to have meanning to move others which is my objective. i want to share my passion with the world.
i play the guitar and piano when i sing so i play instruments and sing as well.
music is my life theres nothing more in life i want to do other than fulfill my music dream.


as i am only 18 years old just out of school and in a small country like new zealand with not alot of oppurtunities like that ive not had any songs played in public or on radio or relased somewhere. ive done a couple of gigs in pubs but thats it. i am a fresh new aspiring artist wanting a big break as not had that chance yet. i am ready to be moulded.