Dan  Nissenbaum

Dan Nissenbaum


Music is something that flows threw energy and movement which only can be captured threw raw emotions and feelings from one person to the next and when that happens then that is the greatest feeling known to man. To to do that is to be a man and I am not a man yet but maybe someday I will be.


Born and raised in a small town just ouside of Philadelphia, Dan Nissenbaum was brought up to be free wheelin and death defyin. From boxcars to candy bars, landslides to surfside, he has traveled across the country playing his particular brand of circus music. He believes this music that he plays reflects the circus that is modern america and her people's very way of life. He is a deck of cards in the avant garde, a humdinger of a folk singer, a modern poet who surely knows it. To see him is to believe him, and to see through him is to see the essence of modern society. Through out his some what short but event filled life Dan has witnessed modern America and what it is becoming. He has played in the small smoked filled jazz halls of Philadelphia, The dry dusty plains of Kansas where the beer runs freely, The sandy deserts of Las Vegas where everything is on the line, The cool snow capped mountains of Colorado, and the shores of California where the whole country seems to end with the clear waters of the Pacific holding us back.


Free Beer Trio (Live at Rutmans)
Free Beer Trio (Live at BPC)
Free Beer Trio (Live at Hemenway's House)
Free Beer Trio (Live in The Swiss Alps)
Free Beer Trio (Live at David Friend)
Free Beer Trio (Live at the Rabi's Cove)
The Slow Drag (Live at the MFA)
The Slow Drag (Live at Funkadelic's)
The Slow Drag (Live at the Bulfinch Yacht Club)
The Slow Drag (Live at Wellesly College)
The Slow Drag (Live at the Lily Pad)
The Slow Drag (Live On BC Radio)
Dan Nissenbaum (Live w/ Marcus Miller)
Dan Nissenbaum (Live at Club Passim)
Dan Nissenbaum (Live at Hemenway's House)
Dan Nissenbaum (Streets of Boston)
Dan Nissenbaum (Streets of Philadelphia)

Set List

Drawing from a wide range of styles and abilities,
an average set length can range from 5 hours to 3 and 1/2 minutes. Plays originals and many covers by Dylan, Guthrie, a variety of early folk standards, blues in various formats and prolonged sound improvisations.