Dann Russo

Dann Russo

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

authentic and natural (that is to say acoustic), powerful (that is to say full of passion and energy) and also complex (catchy yet intelligent, folksy yet modern, melodic yet profound…) (whiskeyfun.com)


Dann Russo is a little alt, a little classic, a smidge country and all rock. He’s a singer-songwriter with radio-ready original songs and a live show so electric, you’ll be amazed it’s just acoustic. A "soon to be phenomenon" (NorthEast In-Tune Magazine), Dann is a lively act that’s hard to follow.

Ok - that's the official blurb. I love playing music, specifically my music, and I like playing it different ways for different people.

As the inspiration for the rockstar heartthrob "Theo Christmas" in the Penguin-Putnam YA release MODELS DON’T EAT CHOCOLATE COOKIES by Erin Dionne, my music is available on the author’s website www.erindionne.com

This in turn inspired me to release my first full-band EP "Presents" in 2009.

For the last three years I've been playing streaming live shows through the virtual world of Second Life (listed at Pacific Coast Time). I set up my guitar and mic, plug it into the computer and rock out every Sunday morning (and some evenings during the week as well). It's better than coffee at waking me up. click here to get the link to listen in: http://www.facebook.com/dannrussomusic

Some of the people I have met while playing in SL have been inspirational (one did the cover for "Presents") and last year (& this year, with their encouragement) I took part in the RPM challenge - writing an entire album in the month of February (the 2009 album was released as "Paradiso Lluvioso").

"Don't Say That" by Dann Russo (that's me!) was recognized by Gary Allen (BMI (Charlie Daniels Band/JJ Cale) The Music City Beat/Editor in Chief) as a "Very Honorable Mention" in the May-August '09 "Best Song in the World" competition. "Parking Lot Kings" and "Her Majesty Cry" were also honored in the Winter 2009/2010 competition!

I guess I draw from so many different backgrounds and styles that I play what I like to play and what I like to listen to. My goal this year is to play more, write more, record more and release more.


**Dann Russo (the "red ep") EP (2004) - available at shows or www.cdbaby.com/cd/dannrusso and on iTunes "No Pain" and "Bitterisweet Love" are currently receiving airplay on internet and college radio.

**WSVN Radio Hall of Fame compilation CD (track 14 - Bittersweet Love) (2004)

**Live at the C Note CD (2004) available on iTunes

**Live at the Middle East CD (3/20/05) "Year" is receiving airplay on internet and college radio stations around the USA.

**Musselman Triathalon Compilation CD (track 15 - No Pain) (2005)

**Live @ The Sad Cafe (2005) available at shows. "Ruby Red Hair" is currently receiving airplay on internet radio stations around the USA and New Zealand.

**Artist of the Month (Dec 2007) on FUZE.FM (http://fuze.fm/PHP-Nuke/index.php)

**i'm more of a Numbers guy (3/08) now available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dannrusso3 and on iTunes

**"Dreaming Without You" and "Ruby Red Hair" streaming on http://www.erindionne.com (website for "Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies" by Erin Dionne)

**music now streaming on http://www.indiespectrum.com

**on MVYRadio's local music cafe playlist http://www.mvyradio.com/local_musicafe/

**"Paradiso Lluvioso" (2009) now available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dannrusso4 and on iTunes

**"Presents" (2009) now available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dannrusso5 and on iTunes

**"Her Majesty Cry" (2011) single now available on iTunes and full CD due out in May

Set List

I have written over 70 original songs (most of which I like!) ranging from straight up rock songs to soothing ballads (two in Spanish and one in Latin) and have performed sets of 20 minutes to over four hours.

Most sets consist of 90% or more originals but I have played covers by many different artists and have even played hour+ shows dedicated to Bruce Springsteen, Radiohead, U2, The Beatles, and Bon Jovi respectively.

Both solo and with accompanists, I have also played special events including wedding cocktail hours, benefit dinners, and honors assembly inductions and am available for any and all of the above.