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Danny and Caroline

Bedford Hills, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Bedford Hills, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Jazz




"7 Bands You've Gotta Hear"

We’re regularly amazed, even after doing this for eight years, just how much terrific music is being churned out every day under the radar from indie bands and artists worldwide. We do our best to sift through the hundreds of songs we receive every month via our music submission form from musicians throughout the United States and around the globe.

We are not just another copy-and-paste-it’s-done or follow all the popular shit indie blog – there are hundreds of those. We used to cover all of the ‘popular’ indie music (and there’s still a lot we love), but everyone is doing that, and over time, we didn’t feel like we were adding anything new or original to the indie music dialog, if you will. So, earlier this year, we decided to make almost all of our coverage DIY, small and indie label related. The reason is because there is just way too much great music being made, and new artists and bands ready to break out, that people are not hearing.

For all of you out there who have followed us for any number of years (we love you too!), you know exactly how much sick music has been posted on this site in the past six years in particular (much of it is actually still available in our archives), and how many artists and bands got their first big boost being featured on IRC.

This post playlist highlights another 7 Bands You’ve Gotta Hear, from the popular, on-going series. We’re jumping all across the country today to profile bands from the biggest city to the southern most city – Miami – all the way across to band-saturated Austin, laid back Tulsa and sunny Los Angeles with sweet tracks spanning electro-pop, alternative rock, and folk pop, among other genres, from bands that deserve to be heard. American Idol? Suck it! You ain’t never heard music this good; this original.

In This Installment:

analog – Miami, Florida
The Lukewarm – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Bee Caves – Austin, Texas
The Post Age – Miami, Florida
The Revies – Los Angeles & Mexico
Stereo Off – New York, New York
Danny and Caroline – Bedford Hills, New York


In upstate New York, the husband-wife pop duo Danny and Caroline Golub, from Bedford Hills, have been writing, rehearsing and producing upbeat, cheery pop songs with big hooks since 2011. Danny plays guitar, writes songs and sings, while his wife Caroline plays keys, writes and sings.

Their irresistible new single, “OMG You’re Killing Me,” from the duo’s upcoming debut full-length album, Beauty and the Beard, is set to drop officially on Friday. The album was produced by Wil Farr (Hurrah! A Bolt of Light) who also played bass. Drums were performed by Dan Wintersteen.

Since forming in 2011, the duo have dropped a trio of EPs. The song, “Better Days,” from the EP, Bee’s Kneez EP, was featured in a Coca-Cola commercial promoting the Olympic Games in Sochi. This gave them a nice boost of publicity and legitimacy with a loyal group of fans and followers, mainly from New York State, and particularly in New York City, according to Caroline and Danny.

The duo enjoy experimenting with instruments, writing and recording songs and making ‘fun music videos’. The newest video for “OMG You’re Killing Me” exemplifies the duo’s unique character. They’ve opened for bands like Hurrah! A Bolt of Light, Hee Young, Swear and Shake and include among their top musical influences artists like Ben Folds, Imogen Heap, Kings of Convenience, Broken Social Scene, and Feist. - Indie Rock Cafe

"Songs for a Cause Welcomes Danny and Caroline - a Q & A"

We are thrilled that the Indie Folk-Rock duo Danny and Caroline are joining the line-up for our second “Songs for a Cause” event on November 15 at the Katonah Village Library in Westchester County, NY.

Danny and Caroline, based in New York, are blessed with huge talent and potential. They have two short EP's available and their first full-length album comes out TODAY November 6, 2016. Download it here.

Danny and Caroline's sound has evolved tremendously over years of writing and touring together. Teaming up with producer Wil Farr, of Hurrah! A Bolt of Light, has taken their songs to new heights. The upcoming album, titled "Beauty and the Beard" is one you won't want to miss!

Their track "Better Days" gained the duo some international exposure when it was featured in a Coca-Cola advertisement promoting the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Danny and Caroline are playing Saturday Nov. 7 at the New Fairfield Coffee House. Bring a picnic (indoor) and a bottle of wine and you’ll have yourself a lovely evening!

Here’s a little window into Danny and Caroline - who they are and their songwriting lives.

1) Why are you singer-songwriters?

We both feel that in a way songwriting chose us. As young kids we were exposed to music, and chose to make it a big part of our lives as we got older. We were fortunate enough to be accepted into a songwriting program that helped us nurture out abilities. Collaborating has helped us find our identity as songwriters.

2) What are your major influences? (an oldie but a goodie)

Musically our biggest influences are. Ben Folds, Kings of Convenience. Our parents have always had a huge influence on our career choice. They have always encouraged us, and supported us along the way.

3) What social causes move you?

Helping under-privileged children, and Anti-Bullying. As someone who was severely bullied and found solace in arts, I know music can really make a difference.

4) Tell us about a few of the favorite songs you've written.

We will always remember the first song we wrote together. In a lot of ways it has been our biggest success - it was featured in a Coca Cola advertisement in Russia. For us it marks the beginning of something special.

5) If you weren't singer-songwriters, what would you be?

Danny would own his own music school. Currently Danny teaches through Music in Chappaqua to help fund our musical endeavors. Caroline would have been working in the film industry. Instead, she films and edits music videos to help promote the songs we write. - Hope Sings

"Groovin' in New Fairfield Talent Scout - Ron Statler"

I have to say, hearing them for the first time caught me by surprise. Their catchy melodies, and insightful lyrics are infused with hints of jazz, bluegrass, folk and soul. Their performances are truly effervescent. And you’ve got to do a You Tube search for them and catch their videos. They are just full tilt fun! I can’t wait to have them on our stage. -

"Under the Radar -Issue #55 Sampler Feature Nov/Dec 2015"

Each issue comes with a digital sampler that is a free download and includes 33 MP3s. This issue's digital sampler includes tracks by, among others:

Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Fraham
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"Bee's Kneez" EP 2012
"Look In Your Eye" 2013
"Love Songs and Lullabies" EP 2015
"Beauty and the Beard" 2015



From their early beginnings as the Bee’s Kneez, the husband and wife duo, Danny Golub and Caroline Couture Golub of upstate New York, have always maintained a strong and charismatic presence.  Harmonies and hearts connecting, our singer/songwriters showcase exactly who they are.  Danny, best described as soulful and gritty, converges with Caroline, who brings both sass and calm.  As of January 2016, the duo has gone on to include bassist, Nikki Allison, and drummer, Thomas Robertine.

Taking chances with their sound and influences, Danny and Caroline’s music continues to evolve with them.  A mixture of indie rock, jazz, pop, and soul — their music can be difficult to categorize.  With subtle vocal hints reminiscent of a vintage Norah Jones and Tennis, the fun and lovable presence similar to Matt & Kim, and evocative lyrics like those of The National, their music refuses to fit into any one box.  Precisely the reason why we love it.

Danny and Caroline’s previous album, “Beauty and the Beard” was a blend of introspection, punch, and above all — candidness — an album where nothing was left unsaid.  Within the first 40 seconds of the opening song,“Fine On My Own,” it was immediate that the album revealed a narrative of experience beginning with attitude and confidence and moving inward with great vulnerability.  By the third track, “Why You Gotta (Sad Defense),” the walls come down.

Danny and Caroline speak to the truth about love and all its complications: “Another fall from grace and back to you.  You’ll tell the truth.  You’ll tell a lie.  You’ll say anything to make it right. [...] I’m not tired of you.  But I’m sick of your sad defense.”  As an album, “Beauty and the Beard” expressed a vivid look into those early moments of love (“OMG You’re Killing Me”)  when everything seemed right, to those that became full of uncertainty (“Stay Or Go”).  “Beauty and the Beard” has proved to be expertly-paced, mesmerizing, and devastatingly realistic to the human experience.  No doubt a recurrence we can expect in their forthcoming album.  

Of course, while love will always be a large theme of influence echoing in and out of Danny and Caroline’s music, their upcoming album ushers in a new range of creativity.  Whether it pertains to a lurid affair from their favorite television show, or plotting revenge against former friends (“Fire”), their music incorporates inspiration from every facet of their lives.  Songs from the new album, “Pretty Little Things” and “West Coast Weather,” demonstrate just that, conveying a matured and above all, resonant sound.   

Danny and Caroline’s eclectic music and contemplative subject matter are woven intricately from one track to the next — coming full-circle as we meet back at track one, ready to listen all over again. 

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