"D&K is Danny Delegato and Kelly Mckenzie, two of the hardest working indie pop rockers I've ever met. They're students at Cleveland High School in Portland, Oregon, prolific songwriters, and the essence of cool." -Shay Scott


D&K plays heart-filled garage-pop. We have been together since the 7th grade in middle school.

We live in Portland Oregon inside of a small town called Sellwood.

D&K is the bassist and drummer from the pop band once known as VATARA. Vatara did release a record last year in 2005, it's titled "That Feeling" before disbanding in may of 2006.

More of D&K's songs:




"That Feeling"- VATARA LP. Released June 2005

"D&K" EP- To be released October 27th 2006

Set List

Debut coming soon in Spring of 2007 titled "Blue Days & Black Nights"


1. Shoe Swapping

2. Those Girls

3. Do As I Do

4. Hawthorne High

5. Your Orbit

6. Say Wait

7. What We Are

8. Dinosaurs Weren't Real!

9. All Smiles

10. Palm Trees

11. Wonderful You

12. To Glenburnie

13. Feel Noise

14. Untitled

15. Focus The Future