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On My Way

Written By: Daniel "Danny" Atkinson, Jr.

On My Way

Words and Music by Daniel “Danny” Atkinson, Jr.
Copyrighted 2006

Seems the same, I’m all alone today.
Made my mind up, I’d never fall again;
And I sure wish, that time would fly on by;
And give me some peace of mind.

Feeling down, I was getting nowhere;
And then you came along, in all my despair;
You smiled at me, and soon I was free;
You picked me up and made me see.

And I’m on my way; on my way. Yes, I’m on my way, once again.

And I was worried, I’d promised not to fall;
But then you came along and closed in the walls;
But that’s okay, I really can’t complain;
You freed me from all the pain.

I found some meaning in this crazy life of mine;
You cleared away the darkness and you open my eyes.
And I sure pray, someday I’ll be as true,
To someone as beautiful as you.