Danny Bevins

Danny Bevins


Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend,” winner of the San Francisco Comedy Competition


Danny Bevins is an all American--born in a red state, raised in a blue state. His two favorite movies are "Ghandi" and "Fight Club" – he knows that peace is the answer and if you don’t he’ll punch you until you agree or tap out. His qualifications include a life long obsession with twenty four hour news and half-truths, raised flags and mixed messages, selling freedom and limited choices, unemployment and cubicles, founding fathers and what Jesus would do, hope and ignorance -- indifference and LOVE!

Danny’s been touring across the U.S. for the past ten years, performing in New York, Los Angeles and the many stages in between. He is the winner of the San Francisco Comedy Competition and made his international debut at the Cat Laughs Comedy Festival in Killkenny Ireland. Danny has appeared on Comedy Central’s "Premium Blend" and was a featured performer on "The World Stands Up," filmed in London, currently airing on comedy networks in Europe and Australia. He recently performed at the US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen for HBO and is currently part of the “Jamison’s Irish Whiskey Tour”

Don’t miss Danny Bevins, and his show that crosses boundaries, and doesn’t pick sides.