Danny Brown

Danny Brown

BandHip Hop

The lyrics are a little thuggish strictly a west coast style. I'm pretty much a story teller thats how I write my flows. If ya see me on the street or on stage I'm in a t-shirt dickies and chucks.


I'm a California kid hailing from the 805, Oxnard is the hometown. The west coast rappers are my influence 2Pac, Ice Cube, and Too Short. The music is all mine I make my songs by usually coming out with a hook and then creating the beat around it. I try to always write about real life and things that have happened or are happening in mine.


I've released an album titled They Call Me Brown

Set List

They Call Me Brown, 65 Rag Back, Ain't The Same Shit, and U Gotta Believe typically one 20 minute set.