Danny Carmichael Band

Danny Carmichael Band


Dashing and bold culmination of lyrics, music and vibe.


The story begins with a young man and his trombone. From the back of orchestras to jazz bands, cabaret and sweaty rock dens the trombone was heard all over from Sydney to Melbourne and even an odd trip to Sunny Qld and Indonesia. But burning inside this young man with a bone was the desire to create and play something uniquely personal. So along comes an acoustic guitar, some singing lessons and a few years of honing the skills and this young man has set off to put together all those years of experience and tell you his story.


Under band name oceans2- cd single "confess your sins" and ep "come home"

plus many many many records as a sideman.

Set List

originals, covers whatever you want we can supply(pending on the price)