Danny Daughtridge Trio

Danny Daughtridge Trio


Sophisticated songwriting, smooth vocals, pure acoustic music.


THE DANNY DAUGHTRIDGE TRIO is one of the true gems of original acoustic music in eastern North Carolina. Since its formation in 2006, the group has become well-known for exquisite songwriting, sparkling vocal harmony, and sophisticated musical accompaniment.

As one reviewer recently noted:
"With their superb blend of musical styles and beautiful harmonies, THE DANNY DAUGHTRIDGE TRIO is quickly becomming a fan favorite on ezFolk!"-Richard Hefner, creator of ezFolk.com

With hints of many flavors of the American roots style, including country, bluegrass and folk, the group's music appeals to a wide variety of tastes.

Their highly polished performances, featuring over seventy original songs, continually demonstrate that THE DANNY DAUGHTRIDGE TRIO is more than capable of providing a pleasurable listening experience to just about any audience.


Deal With The Devil

Written By: Danny Daughtridge

I made a deal with the devil, deal with the devil
On a summer afternoon
He took my old guitar, this old guitar
Boy, could he strum a tune!

He was a little bitty fellow, little bitty fellow
In that country crossroad dirt
He started tempting me, started tempting me
Said "This will quench your thirst"

But nobody rides for free
Nobody rides for free
You can take a walk
Or never go at all
But nobody rides for free

In a wink or two, a wink or two
A few seconds is what it seemed
He gave back my guitar, this old guitar
And it played just like a dream

Well, the devil made me do it, devil made me do it
When I shook his hand that day
And when the ride is done, the ride is done
He'll carry me away

(C) 2007 by Danny Daughtridge

Snow's No Fun At All

Written By: Danny Daughtridge

Snow's no fun at all
Bring back the leaves and fall
Back through my open door, sweet baby
'Cause snow's no fun at all

The winter blows a chill
It's frozen up your will
So come inside and have a thaw
'Cause the winter blows a chill

I was just wondering
Trapped in this winter wonderland
How warm and cozy it might be
If the sparks could fly between you and me

The summer's gone to sleep
Beneath a blanket of ice I keep
A distant memory of you
'Cause the summer's gone to sleep

Oh, but spring is in the air
By faith I know it's there
New life will come to us again
'Cause spring is in the air

(C) 2007 by Danny Daughtridge

Rain Hides The Tears

Written By: Danny Daughtridge

How cruel are the nights
When life plays its jokes
When love makes no sense
But it's our only hope
When I'm standing outside in the rain
'Cause the rain hides the tears on my face

You buried those dreams
That died in the light
And if you should cry
It will be alright
Come stand with me out in the rain
'Cause the rain hides the tears on your face

I never said I could keep you from crying
Just that I'd wipe your tears away

When we are apart
Like stars in the sky
I try to remember
The moments at night
When we stood together in the rain
And the rain washed all our tears away

So whenever you're lost
Whenever you're tired
Whenever you've broken
Your back in this life
Come stand with me out in the rain
'Cause the rain hides the tears on your face

(C) 2007 by Danny Daughtridge


Nobody Rides For Free (EP) - 2007

Our songs stream like a fish at:

Set List

Our typical performance is two hours of music, usually about twenty-two songs. There are no extended jam sessions or times of extraneous banter, just great songs, one after the other.

Our repertoire list contains over seventy original songs.

Our standard set-list for 2007 includes:
Deal With the Devil
Snow's No Fun At All
Rain Hides the Tears
'63 Gretsch
Back to the River
Your Song
Mrs. Stonewall Jackson Brown
It's So Nice
Things That She Wears
Prayers and Pains
Seventeen Years
That's What You Get
Good For My Health
Tell the Skies
Now That's Proud
Later On
Sandbox by the Sea

Our rotating set-list for 2007 includes:
Angels Want to Know
Pocket Pieces of the Moon
When I Hold Your Hand
You Break It, You Buy It
You're Not Sorry
Diamonds in the Dirt
Heavens to Betsy
Not the Man
Penny Flowers
Sweet Caress
Winter Coat
Worth the Night